Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 - Episode 36 -

Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 – Episode 36

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  1. I fell like I should have watched through the playthrough first cuz I have no idea whats happening.

  2. Theres an option in the toggles above the store to turn on a chime when golden cookies show up so you dont have to watch the screen

  3. I have a similar strat for the beginning of ascensions.

    The permanent upgrades are the click upgrade, omelette, and the most expensive cat upgrade, and then the 2 most expensive upgrades (the 450 of everything upgrade and a cookie upgrade that costs 5 quattourdecillion cookies currently).

    The start of the ascension is similar up to where you switched to Easter. I switch back to Christmas to grab all of the 2% reindeer upgrades while clicking on as many golden cookies as possible. Also, I put the milk bonus on the diamond slot. Yes, there are 15% less golden cookies, in exchange for TRIPLE overall production!

    It takes a while to get all of the reindeer upgrades, but usually in that time I can get a killer golden cookie combo (ex. frenzy+prism boost). If a reindeer comes during that time you get a minute of production at that moment, which can be many tredecillion cookies. I keep research going and still click on wrath cookies because they sometimes give a massive bonus (elder frenzy is an example). If the research is fully complete I buy the thing that calms the grandmas down for 30 minutes.

    After that, I transition to idle by turning on Halloween and then finally Easter once I get all the Halloween cookies, and turning on the golden switch and shimmering veil. Then comes the crazy idling where it takes weeks to make significant progress. I keep track of my record idle cookie production (personal best is 6.3 duodecillion per second)!

  4. 😀
    the new update gave you an heavenly upgrade that you get more eggs and stuff when you dont use the heavenly upgrades.
    but its not absolutly needed since you are more the idle player. otherwise you could farm with low cps for quite some time to get all the event items and then get the cps buff from the heavenly upgrades.
    otherwise thats the way =)
    oh and dragonflight for either the last one ( way more strange sugar lumps ) or you go for kittens for more cps =)

  5. How many cookies should have before I ascend?

  6. there's a button where it'll give a noise when golden cookies pop up, turn that on

  7. Wow WTF….you have about +57 Milliard legacy score, how? are you using cheats? I have only +3 legacy score since I started playing 2 days ago from scratch.

  8. yo im only in the quadrilion of cookies i might get tredicillions soon.

  9. Wow, Tredecillion. I remember the last time I really played this, Quintillion was the end game number, and I got there. Getting back into this.

  10. So, is this still going? It's been a few months.

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