Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 - Episode 31 -

Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 – Episode 31

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  1. There's still the heavenly upgrades that cost 333 billion heavenly chips each

  2. When I have nothing to do i watch your videos, cause they give me inspiration, what to play next.

  3. there is still the biscuit tins from heavenly cookies that u can get

  4. So here are some tips again for you.

    First of all, you need to play active from time to time to get to the real end. Like those easter eggs drop way faster from golden cookies and those spawn in about 1.5 min cyclus if you have all upgrades. ( Cookie storm is the best for that, if you get that and use your speed click thing you can get nearly all eggs from one storm )

    Second. The garden ist a huge boost if you know the way 😀 Its a pain in the A to get all seeds and you have to sacrifice all seeds for a achievement but its worth it.
    ( )
    Just farm one full day with the guide and farm the golden cookies while you are at it for the eggs and big combos to get a shi ton more cookies than you have now. Trust me with that.

    Third ! Here you can just import the save and check all the missing achievements and what to do to get those ( )

    4th ! On this side you can calculate the outcome of your golden cookies with Force the hand of Fate ! with that you can get even more efficient.
    Let's say you get a frenzy and a building special after 1.5min. You have prepared another building special and a click frenzy with Force the hand of fate with the planner ( a little grind i know but worth it ) Then you use the FtHoF and get frenzy + 2x building + Click frenzy ( and if you want to do it even better get Godzamok in your pantheon !! and sell all Farms Mines Factory Banks Temples ( the other you will need for the syncicate buff thingly ) and click with your auto clicker = RESULT is woth years of idle playing ! )

    5th! You need to end your Prestige level ( NOT THE HEAVENLY CHIPS ) at 777.777 ( Use no short numbers in options to see full number ) To unlock 3 more upgrades in your Ascention thing ( BEWARE if you dont buy them at that time you will have to refarm to 777.777 ending to get the next chance, so if you get to it BUY IT


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