Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 - Episode 24 (NEW UPDATE!!!) -

Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 – Episode 24 (NEW UPDATE!!!)

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  1. I really like this update except for the reworked season prices. Now after a few switches they get WAY too expensive. Also, I’m up to a duodecillion cookies and a billion prestige level.

  2. Yes Cookie Clicker again :DD

    edit: do the ascention. you can buy some new upgrades and dont hord your heavenly chips ! you get always more ^^ check out all the updates 😀
    nvm just watched more and you did the ascention, but you should check out all the updates and upgrades ^^
    For me the update was HUGE got from something like 150undecillion to 5duodecillion / sec.
    Btw you should always start with christmas event for santa and chenge it asap to valentines day. those cookies come in seconds and grants some boost. i always go to easter thing and hope for an cookie storm ( most of the time i get around 10 of the eggs from it ) and thanks to the new upgrade i hold on to most of the eggs and stuff.
    For a bit more boost you should play a bit more active. use the wizz tower spell "force the hand of fate" you can still get golden cookies since it is a cast !! you let it run anyways so just go in CC every hour or so and get a chance for some nice boost.
    Oh yeah and important ! get the kitten upgrades always first and more buildings once you got those. they increas CPS wayyy more than you think.
    Haloween only once you got wrinklers and all the eggs from easter.
    Hope you checked out the guide i posted last time for garden, there are some "hidden" upgrades you only have to unlock once. best would be to check out cookie wiki or reddit for that, you can get on reddit also some nice tipps for save scumming, wizz tower usage, garden, hidden upgrades and acm etc =)

  3. one of the kitten upgrades u switched out was octillion while the other one is septillion

  4. I commented on the last video. After using the garden for the first time in like five ascensions I'm up to 50 duodecillion all time baked

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