Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 - Episode 23 (New Update Next Video) -

Cookie Clicker Playthrough #2 – Episode 23 (New Update Next Video)

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  1. im currently at 42 decillion all time baked… got a looooong way to go

  2. I like the update except for the reworked prices for season switches. Now it is so much harder to get seasonal rewards.

  3. new update is out, new building and acm 😀 go get them all ^^
    btw thanks for the videos ^^
    edit: read the info then, you can see the upgrades you got from seasons and how many are missing, no more counting 😀
    edit2: btw did you get a chance to check out the garden site i postet on the last video or the one before that ? you put them next to each other or in rows and stuff, to mutate new ones. etc.
    and 7777 golden cookies for black pawn acm i think it was

    here again the links.
    Achievment and upgrade check:
    Garden guide:

  4. I started at episode 12, about to rebirth my fourth time

  5. Is there a script that allows you to close the game and have it still running?

  6. im gonna retry coookie clicker but my computer finds it hard to run

  7. Plants spread when two of them are touching a tile so don't spread them out so much. Also, they mutate with different plants, not just themselves

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