Cookie Clicker: Planning An Advanced Click Combo -

Cookie Clicker: Planning An Advanced Click Combo

Aza Nice
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  1. What if you got the heavenly upgrade where two cookies can spawn and the other one where you can get one to spawn by pressing the speech at the top of the screen when it is green and also spawn one using the wizard tower

  2. Is it possible to get the dragon harvest/flight buff from the grimoire spell golden cookies?

  3. 4:40 the grandma actually gives me a lot more cps than the cat, but this could be because ive usually my garden full of these immortal plants which boost grandma cpsAnyways, good video, i was stuck at like a few octodec max baked cookies, and my way to go was to wait for a cookie, activate it, hope to get building, 666x or 777x bonus, and then double spawn another 2 cookies with wizard towers. But this wasnt really effective obvious xDBtw another tip: if you spawn a cookie with wizard towers, and then sell towers, you can spawn another golden cookie without refilling using a sugar lump, because if youve less towers, the price for the spell gets cheaper. So in theory you could use both tactics, let 2 golden cookies spawn, spawn another 4 with spells, and if your lucky you get something like 1111x777x666x90x90x90x7, wich would be really insane

  4. Bruh i got golden sugar lump on second sugar lamp-

  5. My game reset lol

    Edit: I only lost like 2 weeks because I had an old save code

  6. Can't you save you're garden with the clay. And use that save to circumvent the dying plants issue?

  7. i've popped 28 067 wrinklers and don't have a shiny one lol

  8. You can Stack a clickfrenzy and dragonflight If you Font click the Natural spawning cookie use grimore and click the clickfrenzy before U click the dragonflight wich makes insane Combos on its own and U can use saves If U dont want to waste golden your clickfrenzy ( the save would be If you Stack your Frenzy dragonflight and the otherthings that Spawn naturaly exept the dragonflight anyways nice seeing you Upload again

  9. Hey! I am quite new to the game and I wanted to ask if you could do a tutorial on how to do the grimoire golden cookie combo savescum? I really wanna know how to do it but there isnt a lot of info on how to actually do it.

  10. When do you think you will manage this?

  11. I am going to try this strategy, exept i will do a triple cast ( BSx2 + EF )

    edit: use fthof planner


  12. Almost got this figured out. I've been waiting !

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