Cookie Clicker Part 4 - Cookie Clicker One Mind -

Cookie Clicker Part 4 – Cookie Clicker One Mind

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In this video we play cookie clicker a web based game where you get cookie clicker grandmas to bake you cookies. well there are also cookie clicker portals and cookie clicker time machines and a bunch more fun!

Cookie Clicker One Mind

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So Who *IS* Spitfire anyway? Spitfire is Anthony Smith a licensed Insurance agent in North Carolina by day, a lover of games, and gaming culture, and also a contributor to Geek and YouTube success hubs. I do unboxing videos on my personal channel, gaming videos and other assorted derpery here, I produce “The Anthony Show” on Freedom! and so much more!! I also tend to do skits, impressions, and funny bits on all the YouTube channels listed above and am YouTube certified by Google for audience growth!!

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  1. Ain't it just weird sometimes that when you're already generating like, 50 million cookies per second, we still think that clicking is gonna add quite an amount in total? That's me at least…

  2. because of the way clicking scales by percent it is better to do it when you're being timed (like i was in the video) it does some good, and with the speed that i click it rates a couple thousand cookies a second extra 🙂

  3. He missed a golden cookie…uggh….so sad

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