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Cookie Clicker on STEAM

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  1. i have played this game for years and it is good to see someone making a whole playthrough

  2. It’s actually sad how underrated you are and I really love your videos and I think you should be getting more love

  3. The classic let your computer opened all night long game.

  4. Here's a fun thing you can do: click all the achievements. At least one of them does something.

  5. Lets goooo my favourite game, back. Love It

  6. Fun fact on stats where it say cookies in bank there's a cookie next to it if u click it u will get a achievement also if u click the news 50 time u will get an achievement too

  7. LazeeLlama is cute, also please make this into a series 🙂

  8. The original cookie clicker series is what introduced me to you and I loved it so much I started to play it aswell

  9. ℕ𝕖𝕣𝕕 𝕤𝕙𝕒𝕘𝕘𝕪 says:

    If there really was a LazeeLlama bakery I WOULD REALLY GO THERE

  10. Like ur voice man its very soothing while trying to go sleep, don't know if u do this already but ita be epic if u add a story segment to ur vids were u tell a story.

  11. I love this cookie clicker series and i really miss you playing game called "Zombidle" can you play that too for nostalgia?

  12. Hey man, I hope you can see this, it will help you out a lot. It's so you can advance faster. Achievements are very important for giving you a quick boost, so here are some easy ones:

    • Cookie-dunker: resize the window vertically so that the cookie can touch the milk.
    • Tiny cookie: Click the cookie icon in the "General" section in the Stats.
    • What's in a name: just name your bakery (Bonus: if you name yourself "Orteil" you get a shadow achievement)
    • Here you go: just click the question mark next to the previous achievement.
    • Tabloid adicction: click the news ticker 50 times.
    • Stifling the press: resize the window horizontally until the news ticker says "Help!"
    • Olden days: go to the "Info" menu and scroll all the way down, and click the madeleine.

    I hope these help you out a lot!


  14. All of that constant clicking would definitely make my arm hurt. I have learned I can't do that. Not when you have issues with your connective tissue.
    And I guess I don't see what is so exciting about clicking on a cookie?? At least those kiwis made me think + ask (very random) questions (that really had nothing to do with the actual gameplay). And as someone with gluten (celiac) issues I really dislike cookies (gluten / grain).
    Over 1000 cookies??!! Boy you are going to get diabetes!! Bad bad bad… Evil gluten. Evil oxalates. Chocolate has oxalates too and a very recent news I saw said there can be heavy metals in dark chocolate. Oxalates = plant toxins.
    Oh now there is an ad for actual cookies!

    Are you actually planting cookies in the GRASS??! Yikes. You are going to get lots of rodents + stuff!! 😱 but then wildlife sometimes these days just leave that stuff lying on the sidewalk + totally ignore it. You know that stuff is BAD when wildlife refuses to eat it. They are smarter than some people! 😅

    Grain + sugar are the worst things you can eat. And veggie oils.

    Don't kill your arm with the clicking. 👍

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