Cookie clicker Neverclick speedrun 14m 05s [WR] -

Cookie clicker Neverclick speedrun 14m 05s [WR]

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Strategy: Wait for a golden cookie to spawn, pray that it is a click frenzy, and then click and buy upgrades and click until you’ve clicked 15 times. Then get get cookies while waiting for a second golden cookie with a frenzy to get to 1 million cookies


  1. wha you tapped the cookie though this means it is not a true run

  2. impressive! the route can be optimized tho, i will try to push it

  3. Fun fact, the golden cookies both spawned more than a minute before when they averagely spawn, making this run incredibly lucky and likely to never be beaten

  4. Holy shit, gg. I knew this sorta time was possible but didn't want to grind it out, nice job. that rng was unreal

  5. But u clicked on the cookie, how u still get the achiviment?

  6. If its a never click run why did you click the cookie though >.< thought the whole thing of the run was for it to be a never click

  7. Trying to go for all regular and shadow achievements since I'm in the "endgame" of cookie clicker, this helped.

  8. I’m impressed that you got Speed Baking I AND the Neverclick achievement.

  9. Hey I salute you keep doing what your doing and do you suggest anything for early speed running

  10. I was so confused why you didn't click the cookie at first, but I see why with the click frenzy

  11. i got mine in school in 1:40:00 because i realized how overpowered farms were. so many upgrades makes it easy to get 100k cps.

  12. change your calendar to Christmas then click the reindeers.

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