Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #8 [Christmas Season] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #8 [Christmas Season]

Aza Nice
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Very fast progression at this stage


  1. Golden cookie alert sound is now for 999,999 instead of 9,999 :<

  2. help, do u know why when I ascended the second time there are no golden cookies? the first one hasnt spawned in

  3. im where you are when you ascend should i i have 150k prestige

  4. So satisfying to get a good combo and just watch the cookies go up

  5. I some how got a golden sugar lump at 10 sugar lumps, didn't even know it was that rare.

  6. how do you get a bulding special and a frenzy at the same time?

  7. bro i have been waiting for 2 hours to get a building special with a x7 frenzy and x777 hand of fate clicking frenzy but he gets it in 10 minutes of playing im playing cookie clicker right now

  8. dude, following these videos has made cookie clicker so fun tysm. on my old save i had never ascended because i only had 4 prestige levels LMFAO, now im getting like 800k

  9. this series seriously helps so much thanks man

  10. Thank you for making a useful guide and playing this amazing game

  11. 0:39 what are these things called that hover arround your cookie and how do i get them ?

  12. wait can someone explain to me what an aura is, and how you get it? For the Krumblor, what should my slot be? Also, how rare is it to get a dragon fire golden cookie? PLZ Help

  13. I got a frenzy + click frenzy and 2700% + click frenzy and got my heavenly chips up to ~500,000 and my prestige level is 1711. Should I ascend?

  14. Hahaha I literally got a carmalized sugar lump as my first sugar lump

  15. you can get dragonflight and click frenzy at the same time if you fthof before clicking the dragonflight. than click dragonflight before the click frenzy from fthof. This is only reasonable easy with multy tab safe scumming. if you do the timing right you can have frenzy x dragonflight x click frenzy. More you would make in a couple years of idling. worth the time scumming.

  16. How do you make sure it is a click frenzy when you cast force the hand of fate?

  17. You deserve more subs, I can tell you’re trying don’t give up I learn from you keep posting don’t listen to haters NEVER GIVE up! Your a small helpful you tuber I wish others in life look at you and say something nice to you or anyone els
    So anyone reading this say somthing nice to anyone you see help them out like so others will think twice about unkindness

  18. I always thought cookie clicker was a chill idle game. But I only learnt recently about the deeper aspects and combos in this game. Thank you for making this. I'm learning so much stuff that you cannot find anywhere else. A week ago I would have never imagned the depth and complexity of this game. I 100% believe this channel is going to blow up when the cookie clicker steam game comes out and intrest spikes again. It's why I started playing again and I'm sure a bunch of new players are going to start flocking in to learn how to actually be good at this game. amazing stuff thank you so much for making these.

  19. secret to cookie clicker: get insanely lucky with golden cookies.

  20. idk what to type but this series helped me out so thanks 😀

  21. Can you do a mobile version of this strategy guide?

  22. Is elder frenzy better than click frenzy

  23. Hey, great series. I just have one problem though, for some reason I rarely ever get Click Frenzy from the force the hand of fate spell, I’ve only ever gotten it like 2-3 times from 55 attempts I usually just get a regular frenzy, an amount of cookies or a misfire. So I’m just wondering if I’m doing something wrong and I messed up somewhere along the way or if I’m just super unlucky, thanks in advance.

  24. You actually get the caramelised sugar lump or any types even if it auto harvests like I actually got sugar sugar but it was auto harvested

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