Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #7 [Garden & Second Ascension] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #7 [Garden & Second Ascension]

Aza Nice
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Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #7 [Garden & Second Ascension]

Sorry for the wait guys, expect weekly uploads of Cookie Clicker for a while


  1. Bro I legit used the hand of fate and hagglers charm 10 times and got the gain cookies one each time. Why is my luck so damn bad ;-;

  2. Can I influence the hand of fate? mine is always bad, i only get x7

  3. I was literally just playing normally for a bit (without trying to get a combo, just clicking golden cookies) then a normal frenzy spawned but before the normal frenzy ended a click frenzy spawned out of nowhere and i went to like 1 septillion cookiesedit: is there any reason why the bingo center research isnt working? ive been waiting for about 30 minutes and the first upgrade hasnt come yet

  4. So i got an elder frenzy and a click frenzy at the same time, and i ended up with 298 sextillion cookies and 5,978 prestige levels, i should ascend now, right?

  5. 5:53 I accidentally sold the grandmas they were producing quite a lotMeanwhile: 230 grandmas producing 0.1% of total cps

  6. Why did u get the biscuit should you get the biscuit or is there a better strat

  7. Is he ever gonna learn it’s called useless buildings

  8. How are you getting all these combos? Whenever i get a frenzy i only ever get lucky for the second one. A building + frenzy + click is impossible it seems (been playing 3 days still not a single one) Feel like i'm so stuck at the moment just waiting for combos that feel impossible. Am i doing something wrong or has the game been updated since then. Or are you just waiting like 3 days to get these perfect combos?

  9. would you consider using cookie monster as cheating?

  10. Pardon my asking; especially if it's been said somewhere, but….How do thw Golden cookie upgrades work during ascension? What I'm trying to ask; and don't know how to word it is; can you get 7,777 ascension and have them unlocked to purchase later? Or is it per ascension that, if it isn't four 7s in the number that it just straight up isn't there, and you need to do that every time? This series is really good and entertaining! Good job! Are you gonna continue when Orteil updates CC again?

  11. is there a reason why im not getting any 777x frenzies?

  12. i dont understand man how do you know that you're going to get click frenzy and not some other golden cookie

  13. Hi i got a meedleweed seed? are the useful? Bc i dont thnk they are

  14. OH I didnt realised you released this, lets goooooooooooooo

  15. Your videos are entertaining as hell my dude, I've been playing cookie clicker myself for like a month or so and it's a blast

  16. Keep going dude, you are really good at explaining! And also, these guides help me a lot with my own run.

  17. ay i am also playing are you still playin? i'm having trouble with gardening got a few plants and know when to harvest(i think) but idk what to combine!

  18. How did you calculate the most cost/effective building?

  19. why were you getting buffs when selling buildings?

  20. Gamblers in a nutshell: "Just spend your money and you'll be fine"

  21. Did he explain what happened to grandma and why there are messengers of Cthulhu examining the cookies?

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