Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #7 [Garden & Second Ascension] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #7 [Garden & Second Ascension]

Aza Nice
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Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #7 [Garden & Second Ascension]

Sorry for the wait guys, expect weekly uploads of Cookie Clicker for a while


  1. How are you getting all these combos? Whenever i get a frenzy i only ever get lucky for the second one. A building + frenzy + click is impossible it seems (been playing 3 days still not a single one) Feel like i'm so stuck at the moment just waiting for combos that feel impossible. Am i doing something wrong or has the game been updated since then. Or are you just waiting like 3 days to get these perfect combos?

  2. is there a reason why im not getting any 777x frenzies?

  3. i dont understand man how do you know that you're going to get click frenzy and not some other golden cookie

  4. Hi i got a meedleweed seed? are the useful? Bc i dont thnk they are

  5. OH I didnt realised you released this, lets goooooooooooooo

  6. Your videos are entertaining as hell my dude, I've been playing cookie clicker myself for like a month or so and it's a blast

  7. Keep going dude, you are really good at explaining! And also, these guides help me a lot with my own run.

  8. ay i am also playing are you still playin? i'm having trouble with gardening got a few plants and know when to harvest(i think) but idk what to combine!

  9. How did you calculate the most cost/effective building?

  10. why were you getting buffs when selling buildings?

  11. Gamblers in a nutshell: "Just spend your money and you'll be fine"

  12. Did he explain what happened to grandma and why there are messengers of Cthulhu examining the cookies?

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