Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #5 [Grandmapocalypse] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #5 [Grandmapocalypse]

Aza Nice
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Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide – Part 5 [Grandmapocalypse]


  1. Grandma wants now your location do you accept? (yes) (yes)

  2. Can you save while the Grandmapocalypse is happening, because I can't save (My last save is before it).

  3. Question:When should I buy the One Mind Upgrade?

  4. Looks like you might have an allergy going on. Rubbing your eye(s) like that and having to blow the nose..

  5. Hey, do u have discord? I've some questions

  6. you wouldn't use something like cookie monster?
    helps you choose the most optimal buildings/upgrades and does the frenzy/lucky cookie calculations for you

  7. I had 1t cps two days ago now I have 100t cps update: its 300 sextillion now update 2: it's two decellion

  8. I had 1 lvl of prestige yesterday, today i'm at 412, Thanks to this guys guide. Waiting for 440 to ascend

  9. If I leave it running, will the wrinklers do a lot of damage…. say 6-8 hours?

  10. At 4:40, why were you selling your building and then buying them back again? Pls answer

  11. How did u get the click frenzy and the building one do u just have to be lucky?

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