Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #3 [Grimoire Introduction] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #3 [Grimoire Introduction]

Aza Nice
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  1. HOW TO GET A GOOD SPELL(Updated):1.wait until you have max mana then save+refresh2.use fate spell3. if its a click frenzy/building special then refresh and use it during a stack of buffs4. if its not a click frenzy, refresh and then use hagglers charm spell, this will change the outcome of the fate spell5. repeat from step 1 until you get your desired spell

  2. Why did you only spend until you got 3 trillion

  3. I don't understand how u stackmore then 2 bonuses

  4. Good strat I used is to have a click frenzy ready, save during a frenzy (export save) and then import/reload until a good building cookies is active, sell buildings (cycle from top to bottom) with the click frenzy. Also use the Whiskerbloom with clay for 9% milk (plus the breath of milk). Milk usually at least doubles CPS with enough achievements.

    Edit: hold Ctrl whilst pressing O then V for quick import.

  5. If you didn't know, it's on Steam now, you should do another video. :O!

  6. This tactic works very well. I somehow managed to gain 5 billion more cps using this.

  7. How did he get so many click frenzies? Did he get that lucky to be able to get and store them?

  8. You didn't really explain how to set it up so the towers give the frenzy spell. Can you go into more detail on how to do that?

  9. How do I get only the click golden cookie from the spell? or it's just impossible, and I have to use it every time I have the magic

  10. Is there any way to mimic save + refresh in the steam edition?

  11. That refresh strategy doesn't work on the steam version for obvious reasons, any alternative you can think of?

  12. Guys I actually make a bit of a mistake here. Any spell can change the outcome of the cookie from FTHOF. So you should aim for 99 mana and use hagglers charm then you only have to wait 5 mins inbetween refills. Heck out my latest video (#13) for a guide

  13. Does refresh page thing still works? I tried it today with harvesting a lump, and the whole game gets back to the save point, but lumb was already harvested.

  14. is it normal that I cast it 40 times and never got a click frenzy?

  15. omg just got dragon harvest x15 and x7 and clicking frenzy. Got from 100quadrillion to like 500quintillion

  16. Do you have to save before you click the grimoire each time or is it safe to refresh?

  17. What do I do if I get I dont get Click Frenzy from Grimoire? just roll on until I get one or is there a way to refresh it?

  18. how do pepole do crazy combos like clicking x 777 + prodaction x 666 +frenzy + building speicial?

  19. I have a question: What do the grandmas do in this tactic? i dont understand why they are so OP like he says at 2:52

  20. aye bro when i just tried to do this i didnt have the 7x multiplier and i saved and checked to see if i had a click frenzy i did then i refreshed and all my mana went away and the click frenzy disappeared can u help?

  21. How did you manage to stack the normal frenzy and the building special?

  22. What happens if you don't get the click frenzy?

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