Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #26 [All Achievements] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #26 [All Achievements]

Aza Nice
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My final goal in Cookie Clicker…
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  1. Imagine getting elder frenzy, dragon harvest and dragon flight plus cursor building special. Couldn’t be me 🙂 thanks for the tutorial

  2. 4:08 congregation jumpscare moment XD
    yea ik it's not a gd, but gd reference

  3. Hey quick question,is saving before doing some thing considered cheating?to give an example,is it save scumming?

  4. cool vid, yesterday i got a random shadow achievement called 'just plain lucky,' what does that mean

  5. I stopped paying attention to Cookie Clicker for way too long and now I have 300 sugar lumps on top of all sugar lumps achievements, is there an optimal thing I should spend them on?


  7. Thanks for the series! Your videos helped me a lot. Currently going for trigintillion right now.

  8. I’ve been playing on and off for like 2 years and am like 70% 😭

  9. i wish but i got really demotivated after a save i imported lost me like 300 sugar lumps worth of building levels for some reason

  10. I saw your videos over a year ago and thought I want to do that as well and now I am at Quinvigintillion. Using a Grail Combo with Quad-cast should get you there too. GL also GG for all achievements.

  11. really love your videos, even started my own cookie clicker progression

  12. GG on all achivements.
    For a grail, setup a long enough F+DH with Loan 1 and 3 and SF, and have a patheon of Voimitax Selebrak Murdrial and dragon auras Arcane aura and epoch manipulator, export save and put it on tons of tabs in the web version, wait for a natural BS, harvest garden and replant whiskerblooms, swap auras to DF and Radiant Apitide(or supreme intellect if you need for casting), dual cast or better for EF, CF and if you can more BS, take 2nd Loan, swap goadzamok to dia, wait for a natural GC to spawn, use Golden Switch, click the nat and hope for DF, swap DF aura to Breath of Milk or Elder Batillon, click the CF, the EF(and the extra BSs), swap Holobore to Ruby, sell buildings, swap mokal to dia, click and then buy chocolate egg. Should get you to QiVgt or SxVgt. Also you might want to get L20 Cursers before you go for it.

  13. 3:00 did you not even do a f cf first?? should've gotten some upgrades (and click gcs before godz)
    also selling all of your buildings at the start of your run makes switching seasons, garden drops, and planting cheap and doesn't waste that much time (also second loan and maybe first)
    8:44 cursors are bad for godz, rip mokal swap (PRACTICE YOUR COMBOS)
    holobore swap is before godzamok

  14. 10:15 you really spent everything before buying Chocolate egg? Why?

  15. Hi Aza
    Congrats on getting all achievements!
    You‘ve probably seen it already on discord, but I wrote an idea, how to sacrifice the garden the fastest way. Are you interested?
    Best wishes

  16. speedrun, has 3.5k hours that's insane.

    but congratz sheeeeeesh

  17. how is your freny over 6min long, when do you get an upgrade for that?

  18. If you can can you please make a video about how to start the grandmapocolyps please? Keep the p the good work!

  19. You've been doing this for two years, you should get a trophy.

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