Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #23 [NEW UPDATE] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #23 [NEW UPDATE]

Aza Nice
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Today there was a New Cookie Clicker Update Version 2.048 to the live version. I continue my save file and explain some new changes
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  1. Update: It's out on the steam version now, POGCHAMPION

  2. what do you mean you forgot heavenly upgrades? you just maxed out every upgrade?

  3. There's a good "synergy" in your videos between the night background, the music and the fact that it's the endgame

  4. Only found out about the beta update a few days ago, and now it's in the none beta version. I'm on the ball aren't I?

  5. I’ve been looking for a YouTuber that plays cookie clicker

  6. Just got back into the game today! Came back to 1,037 sugar jumps.. I need 10 more to get everything to level 10

  7. One variation you might want to try with the new update: swapping the "Breath of Milk" Dragon Aura with "Elder Battalion." Nearly doubled my CPS, after unlocking the Grandma heavenly upgrades.

  8. just found that if you use Diminish Ineptitude it will refresh your golden cookie pool from grimore, that way u dont have to wait 20 minutes for your mana to refresh (this way it will take 5minutes to refresh golden cookie pool)

  9. I play on my phone. A vigintillion cookie is unateinable on the google play version. No sugar lump either. And theres a weird zooming glitch on samsung.

  10. It takes 55 sugar lumps to upgrade to level 10 (55 days or a bit less hours depending on heavenly upgrades)

  11. I forgot to do the permanent upgrade slots aswell!! Haha oops

  12. After I got an elder frenzy and click frenzy combo, I went from 1.079 octodecillion to a grand total of……. 1.322 octodecillion! so impressive i know

  13. i just watched 23 consecutive videos on cookie clicker and im making 2.797 million cookies per second. heck yeah dude

  14. I have 495 ( +8 Shadow ) Achievements and the Grandma aura from Krumblor gives me 2x more CPS than the Kitten one. I have 450 Cortex Bakers and 850 Grandmas, and the grandmas produce 76.4% of my total CPS.

  15. beenwatching the videos in this series this game feels so overly complicated now, gardening is hurt my head

  16. Glad ur still making videos man, I really loved the farming guide video I was very lost and now getting my seeds collection up

  17. in the version history it says that the bank minigame was changed to be more "exciting". does the stock market strategy still work like before?

  18. I bet your back hurts from carrying the cookie clicker community

  19. oh hey didnt know that the spiffing brit has a second channel with a facecam nice 🙂

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