Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #22 [Endgame] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #22 [Endgame]

Aza Nice
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Finally reached max capacity, now I only need building level 10 achievements
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  1. what was with the wrinklers at the beginning of the video?was it an easter egg or was it something else?

  2. I notice your background is from the talos principle, epic game taste !

  3. can u start a new play through, your very entertaining

  4. Tip: Use woodchips or pebbles to increase the amount of cookies you get from the queenbeet strat.

  5. Just asking, why do you use garden combos, click combos are a lot better

  6. It looks like ur almost done with the game please don’t leave us

  7. you can export and import your save for queenbeet combos instead of closing and opening your game constantly, it's much quicker
    edit: and then you could have kept your winklers this way

  8. I would highly recommend quick reload mod from workshop. You can edit the file and replace the Cntrl + some number part to whatever keybind you want (Ascii – look up the associated key). Also use notepad as a backup.

  9. Hey, whats your total prestige nowadays?
    Edit: Nevermind, just as I typed the comment saw its 73,5 quadrillion, if not counting the ongoing one.

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