Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #21 [The Last Ascension] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #21 [The Last Ascension]

Aza Nice
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The last ascension on this update at least, at the time of writing this, I haven’t ascended in 107 days. Not much more strategy talk, just more frenzy + elder frenzy+building special with queenbeets and loans+golden switch+shimmering veil
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  1. Dude why didn't you pop your wrinklers before you ascended???? You're insane.

  2. Hey man, queenbeet combo is so efecient. how do you start from F+EF? EF is just random but you don't get any Frenzys during grandmapocalipse

  3. I only need the last 3 x number of cookies baked achievements. Any advice?

  4. Cookie clicker is such a good game. It’s so easy to tell wherever you look that the creator put though and creativity into his work. Good job orteil!

  5. Good video for help in Cookie Clicker thanks bro

  6. Bro, I advise you to download the mod quick refresh. it allows you to use the ctrl R combination and you don't have to turn the game off and on for this strategy. Thanks for you content 👍

  7. Hey mate, any tips for getting a frenzy and an elder frenzy during the same time?

  8. My man, this is not the last ascension…. You still don't have endless cycle

  9. Can you do a video on how to get gaseous assets?

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