Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #20 [100 Ascensions] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #20 [100 Ascensions]

Aza Nice
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  1. for sugar lumps do you sacrifice the garden or grow juicy queenbeats?

  2. Good luck with learning Japanese! Nice ambitions you've got there, lol, even if you're only doing it when bored.

  3. you did episode 19 twice lol and I also think they buffed building specials so they give more now

  4. great tutorials, Aza 🙂 Could make a tutorial on how to do the huge CPS combo? (frenzy + elder frenzy + building special + loan + …) I've picked up bits througout the episodes, but haven't managed to put it all together yet.

  5. I use elder F + click F + BS + FRENZY combo to get insane amount of cookies but I see that you use the bakeberry strategy

    Which one is better?

  6. Hey aza I'm not very good at the game and I dont under stand the farm mostly can you tell me because when I watched your video I was still confused and I would get frenzy and x777 with a building special when i can with grimoire but i dont understand the farm and i know you can get big combos with it but I'm at the part where i got like duodecillions

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