Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #16 [Queenbeet Strategy] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #16 [Queenbeet Strategy]

Aza Nice
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With this queenbeet strategy, you can get upwards of a few thousand years of cps with level 9 farms – further videos will show this – stay tuned.
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  1. is it weird that i got the juicy queenbeet on the second try?

  2. How are you getting so many 666 frenzys?

  3. how do you unlock the chocolate egg upgrade?

  4. if you want a very cheap way plant crumbspore and set soil to wood chips. you basically get cookies for free

  5. I haven’t been able to mutate my crops for some reason. My garden isn’t frozen or anything so I don’t know why it’s happening. Are there any reasons you might know why they don’t mutate?

  6. Thanks so much for a high quality and consistent guide.
    I think you could increase the combo even more if you activate the shimmering veil between clicking the last golden cookie and harvesting the Queenbeets 😁

  7. That pantheon God is only active when your "total" number of buildings ends with ten. It shows you how many you currently have if you hover over it.

    Also, a quick tip for those who are just starting this game. Patience is your friend. But if you still want to grind, the best way to gather sugar lumps besides just waiting is to unlock every seed in the garden and sacrifice it.

    Good luck.

  8. Bro thank you for making these videos they helped my game so much I hope you will reach 1k subs soon

  9. I have a question, aren’t duketaters better than queenbeets?

  10. I stopped playing cookie clicker cuz I got bored but I still enjoy your vids

  11. I disliked this for the sake of this kind of videos stop showing on my feed. Still, I found this channel to be very educational and with a really good advise for new players of CC. Keep up the good work, Aza.

  12. I have a dought, Isn't it better to combine the building special for the queenbeet combo (frenzy + building special + building special) instead of combining the elder frenzy with the building special (frenzy+ elder frenzy+ building special) ???

  13. Ok, checking all possible spells you can get in vanilla cookie clicker is sort of complicated but possible. Export save as always and buy wizard towers until you have 101 mana. You can now quadcast the spell (if you cast once at 70, sell wizard towers until it costs 30 to cast again, and then use a sugar lump to repeat the process, that's 4 golden cookies!) If you get a backfire it might be from too many golden cookies on screen so be sure to click some first. Ok so with that out of the way here is how to check ALL possible spells because there might be building specials under the surface. Switching the golden cookie chime and 1 or 2 seasons (I don't know it's decided each time, but seems quite random) actually puts you in a different out come track. You can also use both at the same time to get a third outcome track! For example a few days ago my normal four spells was frenzy + click frenzy + click frenzy + cookie chain. Then… I checked chime and chime + season and got the results:
    chime: lucky! + building special +frenzy + building special
    chime + season: building special + click frenzy + lucky! + lucky!
    You can also turn on and off the switch/season to switch between outcome tracks, and by this you can tell I got a decent combo. This is still helpful if you just want a normal building special though because three tracks means higher chance of getting the effect.

  14. Hey, so while I was watching, I noticed your email was shown in a tab during the video and I didnt know if that was intentional. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the videos too

  15. Yo Aza I've got a question. Is it possible to do a save scum strat to get a JQB on Steam since there's no refresh button?

  16. How do you get a regular frenzy (x7) when you're in wrath cookie mode, since your strategy is frenzy + 666 + building special and regular frenzies can't arise from wrath cookies?

  17. I've got a question, I've been playing for a while but i've progressed faster in progress then you because I use 521 wizard towers and wait for a click frenzy and frenzy to be directly next to each other. This way when i get a elder frenzy I just use my first spell, say I get my frenzy, then sell 500 and I can afford another spell being the click frenzy. But my question is how come when you did 2 combos, you had 800 trillion prestige levels which I've done it twice only having barley 300. I have same temple slots, same combos, everything the only thing I could think of is that I didn't use the whiskerblooms but I don't even think you used that start this vid.

  18. Since once you start using the queenbeet strategy you're less reliant on actually clicking the cookie during the combos, would it be better to activate the shimmering veil as well as the golden switch once you have Frenzy + Elder Frenzy + Building Special?

  19. i'm still a little unclear on what happened. did you use FTHoF to start the frenzy seen at 6:28, time it with the random wrath cookie that got you elder frenzy, and then use FTHoF again in a really short timespan to get a building special? how'd your magic recover so quickly? also is there a way to influence what you were getting out of the golden cookie or did you just keep trying until you got that specific combo?

  20. At the beginning when you shoed the buy/sell a day's profit of stocks, just fill all your stock slots on whatever you have the most slots for when it's really cheap, ideally under 5 dollars if you can.
    If you buy it super cheap, to make a day's worth of profit when selling, just divide 86400 by however many slots you have, and that's what the value of the product needs to reach to sell $86400 worth of profit. You can then add whatever you bought your stock for to that value and that's the actual number you need to reach.
    For example, if you have 500 Cereal stock slots, and you buy all of your slots when the value is at $3.52, then you need to wait until the value goes up to $176.32 to be able to make a day's worth of profit. (86400 / 500 = $172.8, $172.8 + $3.52 = $176.32).
    Obviously, if you buy your stock when it's worth less and you have more than 500 stock slots, then the number the value needs to reach will be lower, which is why it's ideal to buy stock for the one you have the most slots for.
    And of course, to buy a day's worth of profit in one purchase you can just buy all the stock back on the next tick after selling your day's worth of profits. Doing it this way will allow you to get both achievements at once if you're smart

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