Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #12 [Other Seasons] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #12 [Other Seasons]

Aza Nice
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In the cooie clicker video, it’s back to the regular progression – now we’re finally finished with the christmas season


  1. i hope your doing well i hope you have a great lifegood lluck

  2. This is probably because of the meter but why do you keep the Wizard towers at 55?

  3. thanks for the guide man, been very helpful so far 🙂

  4. i am KINDA close to where you're at, a couple tens of billions behind, honestly i feel great, only started this game like what 2 weeks ago, Any tips on getting 77,777 at the end of your prestige level? that's the one i struggle with the most

  5. hey mate your content has been super helpful great work, just about the farms ive done alot of reaserch and have a 4×4 plot and only still have 4 seeds finished the game awhile ago withover 150hrs in game 95% of achievements idk if I'm doing it wrong or just super unlucky there's little to no videos on YouTube explaining it into detail most are out dated.

  6. @Aza Nice, thank you as always for your helpful videos. Would you mind telling us what Dragon's Aura are you using for this run? I can see from your Stats info that you unlocked 6 Dragon levels but we can not see what Aura are you using. Thanks in advance!

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