Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #10 [Lucky Payout] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #10 [Lucky Payout]

Aza Nice
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This video should help with the Cookie Clicker heavenly upgrade Lucky Payout

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  1. i recently ascended at the same level shown in the video but I realised that a lot of the upgrades are gone. Is that just me or did the game get updated?

  2. this is up there with black cat's paw as one of the absolute worst parts of playing through this game

  3. Optimal strategy guide 20 afk for an entire year to build up sugar lumps and then come back to the game XD

  4. I think I played this game for a week then waited a year to play it again and now I'm at the point of afking another year to see if there are any updates or what not. Currently at septendicillion mark so I have a lot more to go without any upgrades I can improve on, very difficult indeed.

  5. ive been following this while doing my first real big playthrough of cookie clicker ever and i got elder frenzy + frenzy + click frenzy + the boost from selling buildings and went from like 735 mil prestige to 6 billion lmao. great series i havent watched the rest of it yet but thank you for enlightening me to the strat's in this game

  6. omg i just realized you are the geometry dash guy lmao

  7. I played and type a name like this. Name sayopensesame


  9. Hey man, thank you all your wonderful videos! I have a question. Since I have plenty Heavenly Chips on this run, would it be ok to buy the "Permanent upgrade slot IV" now or doing so screws things up later on? Also, I think you forgot to swap your Kitten to a better one?

    Keep up the good work!

  10. If i ascend when my prestige level is ending at 777.777 but i haven't bought the necessary upgrades to get the three lucky upgrades, and/or i don't have enough heavenly chips to buy the three lucky upgrades at the time of ascending, then will i still be able to return later to buy them when i have enough heavenly chips even if i don't have a prestige level that ends in 777.777? Or will they only be available to purchase while i have a prestige level ending in 777.777?

  11. In the video you said for getting the million cookies born again challenge you can still click golden cookies? Was that an accident and you actually meant the billion no upgrades challenge

  12. havent been able to get these frenzy + click frenzy combos, guess im just not lucky enough unless im dong something wrong

  13. tysm man, <3
    without your help, I wouldn't have been able to do get the Lucky Payout achievement.

  14. wait i got those two on accadent not knowing they were rare i did luky payout on accadent lol

  15. do selling all your bad buildings effect the pantheon godzamok buff? if you sell 309 cursors and sell every other building, the buff stays at 309% anyways, so im confused why people are selling all their bad buildings for godzamok

  16. i kinda feel like saving click frenzy because its not random is cheating cause its supposed to be random.

  17. I've watched half of this entire series without realizing AzaFTW made it LOL

  18. my prestige level is going up atleast only by 16 no matter how the options are setup :(, anyone knows what to do?

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