Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #1 [0 - Million] -

Cookie Clicker Most Optimal Strategy Guide #1 [0 – Million]

Aza Nice
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the start of your Cookie Clicker journey

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  1. Nice, just got this on steam! I've played a decent amount of adventure capitalist, but this game is on another level!

  2. Can't get cookie-dunker in steam version 🙁

  3. my main cookie run just resetted for no reason ;-; this helped me restart though.

  4. i just bought cookie clicker yesterday and i didnt expect to see you here, kinda funny coincidence, bottem of the azaftw iceberg

  5. Comment a if you think this mike is better comment be if you think the new mike is better

  6. Ik its late, but you forgot god complex at the beginning

  7. This video was published 10 days before my BDay.

  8. No shot, another xQc cookie clicker fan. When the popup came up I thought it was mine for some reason lol

  9. hello why i is not the bonus click frenzy
    its me one my another

  10. pathtic i have like 100m cookies

  11. once you started clicking the cookie, i knew this wasn't it…

  12. That first click of the cookie is just so satisfying

  13. 4:05 "strategy: use picture in picture so you don't get bored" Oh whoa i didn't know i was this pro already. so glad chaturbate has picture in picture.

  14. played for 1 year and know i have 89% of achievements and 9 shadows make 200quatordecillion a second

  15. Macros are your best friend in the start/mid game

  16. at 3:50 when you said cursor was clearly better they are actually the exact same

  17. dude i always watched your gd videos back then and now i randomly found you doing cookie clicker videos, thats so cool

  18. Ты абсолютен в этой игре

  19. man, it's so weird how I can get Uncanny Clicker on laptop without ANY type of autoclicker.

  20. It's crazy how such a simple game can be so fun to replay!

  21. TUFJTHwxNzA5NDQ2MzI3NjkzfDEwMDB8MzQgOHxKdXN0IGEgc3RhcnQgOiApfA==

    Free gift code 🙂

  22. Bruh I got 1.8 million with a regular frenzy💀

  23. why dos he looklike nickocado avoado when he was skinny

  24. if you want to complete everything just put the name bigsaysopensesame then check the corners of your screen

  25. Didn't know the sugar lump had a 50% chance of failing so I just lost a day on my 1st sugar lump.

  26. I've only played for 3 days and I've already clicked 100,000 times and I've clicked over 777 golden cookies 😭

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