Cookie Clicker: Mod Review -

Cookie Clicker: Mod Review

Aza Nice
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  1. what are the mods you used and where cna i get them

  2. ayo there's a new cookie clicker beta update
    also why is the quality so bad lol

  3. RE: the ascension mod. I did it the 'legit' way and it sucks out the fun of the game and is extremely tedious. So definitely use it as I wasn't aware of this mod when I did it, but wished I was.

  4. I think the 1ms sounds like it's 1000 cps but I had a cps counter mod and it's capped at 30 cps (I think refresh rate is 4ms – but this implies it's ~33ms for clicking?).

  5. And another thing is you need to edit the .js file to change spell type (would be explained in the file itself). Things like the reload mod uses ASCII for inputs so if you want to change the hotkey (default is CTRL + R) you need to look up the ASCII version of your desired input and edit the .js file (javascript). I use my 12th mouse button without the need for hold ctrl as it's much more comfortable to press whilst working on the garden. It also allows you to check tick stage and reload with the same hand (assuming you have this type of mouse but could work with mmb).

  6. dude u like like total cookie clicker crackhead, i like it, keep it up and good work on vids

  7. Do you think the steam version is worth it? I’m still trying to find the difference ?

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