Cookie Clicker Mobile: Version 6 - The Legacy Update -

Cookie Clicker Mobile: Version 6 – The Legacy Update

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Welcome to an overview on version 6 of Cookie Clicker Mobile! In this update, Orteil has added the Legacy system from the web version, allowing for infinite progression! I also go over some of the updates that came out since last time, including a bunch of new upgrades, achievements, and quality of life improvements!

Install the game on Android here:

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Switch Friend Code: 1988-6847-7272
3DS Friend Code: 2895-8439-8140


  1. There's a new alpha in the mobile version of Cookie Clicker, will you be covering that?

  2. Can we get the javascript building on mobile?

  3. There's a new alpha version on mobile, will you be covering that?

  4. because I can't buy more upgrades And I have 100 million Chips and I can't get any more upgrades and there are few upgrades and I use android

  5. There we’re actually 25 heavenly upgrades you just miscounted

  6. Hey JMan, I was scrolling through your content and I wanted to know if you wanted to join unfiltered gaming group where was usually hang out, watch movies, play games together and do podcasts on Discord? If not it's perfectly understandable. If you want to learn more information then I can shoot you a DM or email with everything you need to know.

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  7. Hey, was wondering if you knew why I dont have the option to buy the heavenly upgrade even tho I have enough heavenly chips. Great video

  8. Added the legacy update for 866 septenvigintillion heavenly chips

  9. You mispelled octooctogintillion and septenvigintillion

  10. how do I assign the upgrades to the upgrade slot in legacy?

  11. Cookies in bank: 152.507 septenoctogintillion
    Cookies baked (this ascension): 9.906 octooctogintillion
    Cookies baked (all time): 982.029 novemoctogintillion
    Cookie clicks: 560.988 quattuordecillion
    Hand-made cookies: 208.999 nonagintillion
    Buildings: 59.809 thousand
    CpS affected by wrinklers: 35%
    Exploded a wrinkler: found 509.877 octooctogintillion cookies!

  12. 9.9 octooctogintillion cookies
    per second: 435.099 septenvigintillion

  13. Is Cookie Clicker on IPhone? Or is it just on Android?

  14. this is dumb. after i ascend why would i play in the live version? am i missing something?

  15. I chose to get to Sx cookies before ascending so I would start with 3k levels

  16. Are you able to go onto minigames on mobile, if so, how

  17. Can you get all that weird garden stuff and those dragons on mobile?

  18. This is a dumb question but I have one heavenly cookie. I want to buy legacy on Android. There is no purchase button, no menu, nothing. When I click on legacy it says it costs 1 heavenly cookie. The only option is to close the tab. What do I click on to purchase legacy?

  19. How do you buy them the buy button isn't appearing

  20. i wish the dragon was in the mobile. 🙁

  21. Hey how can you rebirth in cookie clicker mobile

  22. Are we going to be seeing any new updates any time soon?

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