Cookie Clicker Mobile: Introduction -

Cookie Clicker Mobile: Introduction

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Welcome to my introduction to the Cookie Clicker Mobile version! This time, we go over the basics of what the mobile version has to offer, as well as some of the most obvious differences between it and the web version!

Try it out here (Android):

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  1. Pls how do u get that cookie clicker app on iphone

  2. I have been playing on the website version on my phone but have ran into a problem when you unlock the pantheon you can’t drag any of the things

  3. do you reply to all comments? btw im really scared bc there is the grandmaocalypse, THEY WILL THROW A COOKIE INSTEAD OF A SLIPPER ON MY FACE-

  4. I started playing the game a week ago and i am currently in having trillion cookies but it's going really slow, is it worth playing the phone version of the game? Is it fully released yet? There are sugar lumps missing and other important upgrades to speed up the grinding… Which kinda sucks because it seems way more difficult to play without them

  5. Literally just heard about this a few hours ago lol

  6. wait but there's already a mobile cookie clicker

  7. Omg OK I'm not gonna watch that and wait for it to be released so I stay spoilerfree :v

  8. The app is now in the PlayStore is made by Dashnet.

  9. Hey Jman, I heard that now orteil is working on the browse version, is that true?

  10. My cookie clicker doesnt work, it just stays on a black screen with a small bar at the lower part. It seems to do nothing. Any ideas to help?

  11. When I try to open up the app, it just shows a black screen. Any help?

  12. When the full version goes live will it be on iphone aswell?

  13. So I'm on the Google version of this and worship swap doesn't work. What is causing this? I can't drag a spirit into a slot.

  14. It's currently a waste of time to play because you cannot put a fingers upgrade into the permanent upgrade slot.

  15. What background music did you use for this vid?

  16. how do you have A MOUSE CURSOR on MOBILE!?

  17. i like mobile because IT DOESNT DELETE YOURE SAVE DATE……….like the browser does

  18. step 1. buy some cursors and grandmas
    step 2. set date to 2069
    step.3 reset date

  19. What the app called,I can’t find it??

  20. why cant i buy legacy with heavenly chips

  21. When should I ascend? Like at how many heavenly chips should I ascend at? Also are the upgrades exactly the same as in the web version? I wanna know if I can follow tutorials of the web version with this mobile version

  22. Hello you made a nice video, keep it up! Have you also made a video about the Grandmapocalypse and late game etc. Because I completed all the researchs in the bingo center and now I have two options between, "Elder Pledge" and something else. So I tapped a few times on those options but it keeps cycling at least that's how I see it. I would be grateful if you would help me. THANKS!😊😉

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