Cookie Clicker Mobile — Ascension #1 -

Cookie Clicker Mobile — Ascension #1

Views: 5475
Like: 53
Prestige Level: 217
Ascension #1 (5/29/2021)

Heavenly Upgrades
– Legacy (1)
– Heavenly Cookies (3)
– Tin of Butter Cookies (25)
– Tin of British Tea Biscuits (25)
– Box of Brand Biscuits (25)
– Box of Macarons (25)
– Permanent Upgrade Slot I — Kitten Overseers (100)

[0:00] Frenzy + Click Frenzy Golden Cookie Combo
[0:46] Wrinklers
[1:00] Buildings / Upgrades
[2:24] Special Tab / Research
[2:28] Stats (Upgrades)
[2:47] Stats (Achievements)
[3:28] Gameplay
[3:41] Ascension
[3:48] Ascension Screen (Heavenly Upgrades)
[4:41] Reincarnation
[5:29] Gameplay


  1. How did you get the F+CF combo? I only got it like 2 times

  2. I need help to fix my slot it connot Change the upgrade

  3. So u telling me u lost all ur progress i reencarnated and lost all i had and i have to start from 0

  4. Hello! My name is Adrianne, and I'm with Playsaurus, creators of Clicker Heroes I and II. We'd like to reach out to you for a collaboration opportunity. Do you have an email address we can contact? Thank you 🙂

  5. I already have more than 4 million prestige levels

  6. When should I ascend the second time, i already have 600 rn

  7. For those who are deep into the game, what should I put for permanent slot upgrade 1-3?

  8. it doesn’t show an option for me to buy on the legacy thing, what do i do?

  9. Can you get sugar lumps in the Android version

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