Cookie Clicker is the Perfect Game -

Cookie Clicker is the Perfect Game

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Recovering addict from the perfect game known as cookie clicker. The idle/incremental game that single-handedly ruined my life. I love it

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  1. gdqThursday saving strats in cookie clicker again smdh my darn head

  2. I want part 2 of this video. This was rather entertaining, keep it up RND 😁

  3. Imagine talking about optimal clicking technique like some kind of manual labor peasant and not just use an autoclicker to make grandmas blush with your speed baking ability

  4. How many grandmas till this becomes a cookie clicker only channel?

  5. Incremental games are the best games and no one can convince me otherwise

  6. Your voice is just so nice and easy to listen to, i always make sure to put on one of your videos as i play video games, keep it up mr streamer man

  7. Hey MdThursday, I made a Farm Clicker with the same idea of coockie clicker. If you are interested tell me, i didnt release it yet.

  8. If you're looking for efficiency don't invest in farms. They're only good every 100 mark for the soils. They're actual trash at producing cookies.

  9. Too bad all you have to do is keep changing the time and date on your computer and you can 100% the game within a few days.

  10. As it’s my my most played game I fully agree


  12. Bro try ngu idle it’s prob the best idle hame

  13. This has made it clear I can probably watch you play anything.

  14. i mean i just vibrate my arm … i wish it was as usefull as it sounds :/

  15. Didn't even get to grandmapocolypse

  16. I played the browser version back in the day but I accidentally learned how to break the game for myself using the browser console and save file edits.

    So instead I'm currently jeopardizing my grades and potential future thanks to another game of its ilk called Leaf Blower Revolution. It's bad.

  17. Truly the only way to win at Cookie Clicker is to forget that it exists.

  18. Anyone else had the giant urge to get 100 of every upgrade before even getting 1 on the next?

  19. After 3000+ plus hours of this game i can confirm. Its not worth it

  20. How to some up cookie clicker: C O O K I E G O D

  21. it's truly something when your cursors make up nearly 97% of you CPS with enough upgrades

  22. I’m so addicted to cookie clicker that I have the 1 heavenly chip world record…

  23. That buying in 10's is something I can understand with all my heart. I've been playing cookie clicker for 250 hours on steam now, and I try my best not to buy anything in 1's.

  24. I have a cookie clicker run that's been going since some time in 2020
    I open it maybe once a month to buy something, then I wait another month til I can afford another upgrade or 100 buildings 🤣


  26. When I started playing cookie clicker on steam I remember I got speed baking 3 without even trying lol

  27. cookie chains and cookie storm dont increase your total GC clicks

  28. this vid is amazing. made me laugh so many times and im just 4m26s in.

    Edit: Liked and subscribed!!

  29. why was I expecting ifuudoudou to start playing at the beginning😭

  30. Hey. There's a leaf version free on steam.

    Worth a shot.

  31. My Laptop died last month. I didn't save my cookie clicker file, so it's gone forever and on my new Laptop, I would have to start over
    again. I think it's good because I was addicted and was on a game for 14 months. Now I won't make the mistake starting again.

  32. How to: Cookie Clicker speedrun:
    1. Open game
    2. F12
    3. Click 'Console'
    4. type 'Game.RuinTheFun()
    5. enter

    congratulations, you have now unlocked all the achievements, prestige, have like a nonillion cookies etc.

  33. Just like you, I like playing idle games and resetting each time I come back (like Cookie Clicker or Forager)

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