Cookie Clicker is more fun than you think! | Cookie Clicker Review -

Cookie Clicker is more fun than you think! | Cookie Clicker Review

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  1. Lol just put your name as "a saysopensesame" and it'll show the dev tools in top left

  2. Kirbyster boots up Cookie Clicker.
    Renames bakery to "Futa Enjoyer".
    Refuses to elaborate further.

  3. something that very few people talk about is how great the art style is, it actually has some of the best pixel art i've seen in a game

  4. In the duovigintillions and now all I need is those damn sugar lumps

  5. how dare you shit talk frosted sugar cookies!!!

  6. That last leap from 95% to 100% of achievements requires probably the same amount of dedication as the rest of the game combined. To get it you need to combine 5 different golden cookie auras and for that you need to learn to predict the next golden cookie that comes from hand of fate spell, learn to sell wizard towers to cast the spell one more time and get into more tech details of the game. After getting familiar with it i just decided that i wont take this challenge and quit my run at 95%

  7. great vid! i loved playing cookie clicker and i hope people see this vid!

  8. Cookie clicker is the only fun idle game, because to get the most amount of cookies, you don't idle

  9. bro's autoclicker is slower than my jitterclick

  10. Cookie Clicker is truly a fantastic game. Orteil really knocked it out of the park with the updates over the years. I would recommend checking out some other idle/incremental games since you seem to have the type of brain that enjoys the gameplay loop.

  11. 4:03 I hate grocery store frosted sugar cookies, they are truly a monstrous creation. I can't even call them cookies with confidence, they have the texture and the structural integrity of a cake.

    Oh yeah and the game is pretty fun too, I keep my save file on a flash drive somewhere in case I ever feel like cookiemaxxing again…

  12. Wow.
    Never knew how fleshed out and engaging idle games like this one could be. You've definitely opened my eyes to the possibility of playing this game for the spectacle.
    Also, nice bakery name "FutaEnjoyer"

  13. Cookie clicker was my first taste of idle games. Now there is no going back…

  14. thank you Kirbyster i no longer hate cooke clicker i now realize it is more than just clicking. 😁

  15. The cookie skill tree💀didn’t realize how hard the cookie sweatshop game went

  16. 4:04 exCUSE me bro
    i guess some people love those and some hate them
    they're my favorite cookies, hopefully i'm not alone on that

  17. I clicked on this video thinking wow this seems nostalgic but after watching it, I realized it only had 164 views. I thought it had at least a hundred thousand. This deserves more attention, keep it up!

  18. when watching this i genuinely thought you were a multi million sub youtuber, you deserve more subs!

  19. sugar cookies are the best, stand down or die.

  20. I got half my class addicted to the game. 😛

  21. I've never played cookie clicker but damn da memes and editing 🤌

  22. Can't remember who showed me it but Universal Paperclips is also surprisingly good.

  23. I thought you were a million subscriber channel at first. Turns out you aren't. Good luck in future endeavors!

  24. Always fun to see someone else start their journey down the rabbit hole. Cant ever beat the classic

  25. Damn this is a high quality review you gained a new subscriber.

  26. Cookie clicker is one of the games where you play nonstop for a month then stop playing then new update you come back

  27. Bro just woke up from his 6 month slumber to post a 2022 random cookie clicker ? 💀 i love it

  28. Hella Underrated, the video quality is amazing! You deserve way more attention man. I'm gonna be starting my youtube journey soon. Happy Holidays!

  29. True strory during corona virus online classes I played a lot of cookie clicker and the farm minigame, I used the white mold to boost my cps to a point that getting negative cps boosted my cps for some wierd reason

  30. Did anyone else notice the bakery name lmao

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