Cookie Clicker in Scratch But It Gets More Complex -

Cookie Clicker in Scratch But It Gets More Complex

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00:00 intro
00:38 5 blocks
01:34 50 blocks
03:16 500 blocks
09:43 clone rant
10:58 finishing


  1. I didn’t know you also made yt videos, you made some of the most impresssive games on scratch ever ngl

  2. Guys, I think he’s a senior Scratch developer

  3. As a junior scratch developer, I can see this guy is a senior scratch developer

  4. You can make gradients??!!! Man I should be using vector…

  5. to the clone limit problem try tuebiwarp

  6. Me after seeing the 500 block code version: 🤯😵‍💫😵‍💫😮‍💨😴

  7. “Why not simply run the objects using pen extension” pen draws on top of the backdrop and can’t be used for games with any kind of map

  8. If I can't use more sprites, clones, or pen, then what am I supposed to use?🤔

  9. Can you explain logarithms and their use in coding in scratch?

  10. For those who wanna improve their 500 blocks/5k blocks coded clicker game, add an operator if currency(money) less than (the price of the upgrade price) then set colour effect ghost to 100

  11. I use clones for windows in my os project so buttons doesn't get clicked through, but the max amount of tasks is 300

  12. 3 reasons of why not use pencil:
    1: Pencil-rendered things cant rotate, unless you are rotating the sprite.
    2: Pencil-rendered things cant move, unless that your sprite is moving.
    3: Pencil-rendered things cant use variables, only sprites and clones can.
    You can use turbowarp if you think clones arent enough.

  13. to anyone reading this, around 5:30 I think he overcomplicated things. Instead of trying to make your own collision system, you can have the MAIN SPRITE check for collisions.

  14. You should add legacy bit more simple something like just rebirthing in roblox games! you will gain more bonus cps the more you rebirth. i think that it is very simple and would make the game even more fun

  15. hiyah ggenije, i need to know how to change clone to pen, and i don't know how i do it, and the foruns are down so i can't see how to

  16. Are you the dev of crystal seeker?

  17. I’m making a platformer hope this will help

  18. ggenije i have a question how can you make booleans false because im making a cuphead project

  19. I hope the people of scratch that will eventually graduate to Giga Chad programing language, break the habit of not using “clones” as they are not ineffective, scratch is a little silly but I do like the fact that schools have not blocked it and it’s got big community. Also cool vid

  20. i dont know how to make collision WITH PEN EXTENSION LIKE WHAT THE FU- (please teach me)

  21. Cool, i made good games and still your game looks pretty fun

  22. Bro you have 9.99k subs Imma subscribe!

    (I liked my own comment becuse noone ever does)

    Edit1: Congrats on 10k subs🎉🎉🎉

  23. 0:38 did he just jumpscare me with a supertux ost

  24. I have a scratch mod which is called penguin mod, I didn’t know it wasn’t blocked on my school computer and BOI do you know it’s a nightmare running this on a slow Chromebook.

    also the normal scratch is blocked in my school 🙁

  25. Make full version of cookie clicker in scratch

  26. The accent is a bit annoying but there is nothing you can do about it.. still like your content, keep it up!!!

  27. The only problem I have with stamps is that its really low quality. especially when you have little particles. But you could use turbowarp for better quality.

  28. OMG! how did you make cookie clicker with just 5 blocks?

  29. yo can you play my games, some are in beta testing, but they are still good, I recommend heavy's sandvich factory

  30. this game has a more complicated code with only 500 blocks than my not really complicated but 1280-blocked project

  31. I made a clicker game for my mom on Mother’s Day she liked it but it got no views😢

  32. I made a complex engine for stuff like this is like 30 blocks. Total with a few things is 50 blocks. Its highly modular

  33. Lol i made a project that sorts a list with a heck ton of sorts (for now only 2)

  34. Number 3 of not use clones is not a problem just add a wait 0 seconds in the built sprite and put the wait 0 seconds on top of all the delete clone block.

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