Cookie Clicker in Minecraft - New for Minecraft 1.8 -

Cookie Clicker in Minecraft – New for Minecraft 1.8

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The classic browser game Cookie Clicker, recreated in Minecraft. Sethbling made this a few months ago but there were many problems. In this world, the amount of building is unlimited (to a degree), and the price increases as you buy them.

Download the world:

Play Cookie Clicker:

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  1. The scoreboard won't update. Please fix it.

  2. Very well done! Your version has a very good cosmetic touch!

  3. lel, when i buy a cursor, a Grandma or a farm, the next upgrade costs 0 cookies wtf xD

  4. the map lags. see, when i buy something, my scoreboard DOES NOT matter and it just sets the price to 0. terrible map.

  5. Make tutorial please imwill subscribe if you do

  6. I got it and when I bought the things even when I hade 0 I will let me get them and the clicker doesn't work

  7. I only downloaded the map to see how you made the increasing prices.

  8. the grandmas look like men

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