Cookie Clicker in BTD 6?! -

Cookie Clicker in BTD 6?!

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Today in BTD 6 we’re adding a new money system! This Bloons TD 6 income system changes Bloons to work like Cookie Clicker! Cookie Clicker is an old flash game where you click a cookie to bake a cookie and then buy grandmas and mines and other upgrades to make more cookies and money. This BTD 6 mod adds cookie clicker to Bloons TD 6!
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  1. about the auto clicker your using the same one as me, LOL🤣🤣

  2. Yes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😅😐😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  3. Tewity: we've got to click faster, a lot faster!
    (Me whipping out 5 auto-clickers at once): hoo? You dare challenge me?!

  4. Could you try to get to round 140 without mods

  5. 100 milliseconds in a second thats 1000 cokies a second i think thats more than fifty

  6. i think that the ??? will make 300-400 dollars using calculations

  7. Lol I was thinking of Ssundee too

  8. I was just playing Cookie Clicker, and I already have 20,000 cookies per second!!!!!!

  9. Wait when he presses f6 then he would by a mine and if he try’s to buy a mine it would disable the auto

  10. you can get money like 999999999999999 in cookie clicker

  11. All bulidings:
    Wizard tower
    Alchemy Lab
    Time machine
    Antimatter condenser
    Chance maker
    Fractal engine
    Javascript console
    Cortex Baker

    Secret building

  12. Minkraft Minkraft Minkraft Minkraft Minkraft Minkraft

  13. doing this was an auto clicker would be insane

  14. Man if only SSundee was there he would use his auto clicker😂😂

  15. 6:23 tewtiy giving us a speech about cookies because of getting 25cookies per second

  16. Who ever is name is tho That’s. Not how you spell Minecraft it’s C not a K

  17. The fact. How he said 25 cookies is a lot that you can’t eat in a second listen I’m not chubby but I’m a really but I can eat a lot but I’m slow at eating

  18. I love cookie clicker and btd6 so this is the video for me!

  19. You said now we can pop all towers now you means bloons

  20. I bought cookie clicker on an old steam account, and managed to cheat.

  21. If SSUNDEE has this auto clicker just like what Jennifer said if he had it DISASTER RUN YOU CANNOT WIN EVEN WITH MAIN HERO YOU WILL DIEEEEE RUN😊

  22. Bro cps is clicks per second it’s used in every clicker game

  23. Make sure to include cookies, cake and chocolate milk for a good and healthier diet!

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