Cookie Clicker: How to get Golden Cookie Combos -

Cookie Clicker: How to get Golden Cookie Combos

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Cookie Clicker Strategy Guide. No cheats or mods.
After a while playing Cookie Clicker, you may notice your progress grinds to a halt, even with frequent ascensions. This guide will show you how to get through the slogfest that is the Cookie Clicker late game.
Using this method it is also possible to get over one undecillion cookies and obtain all Heavenly Upgrades in under a week.


  1. Da super duper cool ah monke god gaming says:

    I’m a god at cockie clicker I got 1m in 12 minute 40 seconds flat

  2. My brother got elder frenzy + normal frenzy + click frenzy + autoclicker once and got 1 million times the cookies he had

  3. i do the same thing lol. thats how i got the portal and time machine

  4. Does this still work? When I quickly click on Gambler's Fever Dream and then Hand of Fate and I reload after I see the golden cookie effect, my magic meter is gone.

  5. I still dont get how to get frenzy x777 with the wizard

  6. how many wizard towers do i need to have enough mana? i only have 57 and i can only cast FTHOF and gamblers fever dream before running out of mana

  7. You can also use the stock market mini game loans to get even more and also the garden mini game

  8. Funny, I'm watching this and I randomly got a natural building buff and combo and happened to get click frenzy. Scrambled to slot Godzamok and slot everything!

  9. I use different things:PantheonDiamond: JeremyRuby: MuridalJade: Dotjeiess (I don't do combos that much)GrimoireForce the hand of fate when there is a golden cookie(I do all this with an autoclicker)

  10. i dont understand how to refresh my spells?I understand how to know which 3 will be the next spells but i dont know what to do after thatcan some1 help?

  11. Hi. Is it possible to do it with dragon fly instead of click frenzy?

  12. Nice tutorial!
    There are only two things I'd like to add
    1. You can further optimize this by using garden plants (mainly golden clovers for faster golden cookies, glovemorels for more cookies per click or whiskerbloom for just more cps)
    2. Selling more than one building at a time is more efficient you can sell anything up to alchemy labs in late game

  13. this is very helpful! i went from 53 quintillion cookies to 3.448 sextillion cookies by getting a natural click frenzy and then summoning 2 building specials with force the hand of fate! then i went from 3.448 sextillion cookies to 6.440 sextillion cookies by getting a natural elder frenzy and then summoning a click frenzy. 😀

  14. I can't get it to work? I get backfires whenever i use two gamber fever dream

  15. Hey, what’s the music when you show the first combo in action? Thanks.

  16. 2:22 or u can open a new tab and go into cookie clicker and cheat in sugar lumps with reset cool down and check the outcome

  17. Okay so can I get a quick summary of what to do cause I’m not good at remembering step by step processes that are supposed to happen in a short amount of time

  18. Is it okay if i've only bought one mind and there's wrinkers on my cookie while doing this strat?

  19. I’ve only been playing for 2 days have a cps of like 160,000,000 and my main source of income is golden cookies because I’m getting a lot. Now that I know how to use combos I’ll be making much more progress

  20. Most high quality cookie clicker video i have ever seen, well done

  21. I keep getting "lucky" with frenzy eevvvvvverrrry time 😩if anything getting a golden cookie "lucky" is unlucky tbh.

  22. Amazing toutorial I went from 375 duodecillion cookies in my bank to over 86 quattuordecillion

  23. Extremely well done. Thank you. I can finally give all of my free time to cookie clicker.

  24. My spell backfires all the time so I cant even use it.. tips?

  25. i feel like i need to go to school for 4 years about cookie clicker before i could understand what you said lol

  26. this is a hell of a tutorial. i'm still incredibly early-game (on my 3rd ascension with only 1 mil prestige currently) so for me, just frenzy+click frenzy or frenzy+dragonflight is insane, but i've bookmarked this video so i can refer to it once i'm in the lategame.

  27. How do u remove the first spell in the rotation?

  28. what about waiting for a wrath cookie 666x and then summoning the hand spell? would that be extremely op

  29. Ive gotten elder frenzy+click frenzy a few times from summoning a holden cookie when one the the effects was there, it is INSANE

  30. elder frenzy can actually last for 14 seconds because of the heavenly upgrade that increases duration by 10% and the secret upgrades that each increase it by 1% (the ones that need a prestige level with 1 seven, 2 sevens, and 4 sevens)

  31. I am trying to gzt the dragonflight + frenzy + x777 combination but i’m not sure if it’s possible…

  32. why do you have to immediately have to press force hand of fate after pressing fever dream

  33. I've reached 55 Vigintillion per second with hacks lol

  34. Isn't elder frenzy + click frenzy better?

  35. Also if you get the x7 frenzy or "Lucky!", you can reload and change between Christmas and Easter season to sometimes change the outcome of the force of hand spell. Christmas, Halloween, Business, and No season always produce the same force of hand effects. While Easter and Valentines always produce the same effect. But most of the time, The effects from Christmas, Halloween, Business and No season is different from Easter and Valentines. So I just switch between Easter and Christmas. I hope this makes sense.

  36. I've also noticed that selling all factories and banks together, then temples and mines together, and finally farms, seems to give me the most cookies and prestige. I may be wrong though. It's just what I have encountered in my testing.

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