Cookie Clicker, How to Complete the Ninth Ascension - Heavenly Chips Purchase Guide (EP11) -

Cookie Clicker, How to Complete the Ninth Ascension – Heavenly Chips Purchase Guide (EP11)

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Welcome to my Cookie Clicker Progression Gameplay/Tutorial Series. These videos aim to show off the free game cookie clicker, and provide tutorial/build guides on how to accomplish specific goals within the game.

If there is a particular part of Cookie Clicker that you would like me to make a video about let me know in the comments and I will do my best to accommodate.

If you would like to try out the game for free, you can find Cookie Clicker 2 at

This video will cover our third ascension heavenly chip purchase guide after a brief catch up on the series progress.

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  1. I watch your video to pass time as I grind golden cookies im at the second ascension I asked at 450 levels and I think im going to go for the second extension shoot I amend i have 1600 levels is that good?

  2. i have not done any minigames yet, i will start looking in to that at some point. I have acended for 5.3 trillion at this point, and have gotten to 4 trillion in the new run that i plan on letting run till i am around 7 or 8 trillion. The CpS was not a huge upgrade when i went from 1.2 trillion to 3.2 so hopefully letting the game run till i am past 7 or 8 that will give me the boost i need to take the next step hehe. Thanks again for the video 🙂

  3. I don't think nonillion fingers is helping very much try taking it out and see what changes. You can get it within a few minutes after ascending anyway (the description is multiplies the effect of thousand fingers by 20, which isn't very good).

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