Cookie Clicker, How to Ascend - The First Ascension v.2.031 July/August 2021 (EP3) -

Cookie Clicker, How to Ascend – The First Ascension v.2.031 July/August 2021 (EP3)

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This video aims to cover how to ascend in cookie clicker in general and specifically what upgrades to buy in the first ascension. The series will be transitioning to the original game from the other version we were playing as only the original has ascensions. We start off covering tips of what to do before ascending, then move on to what perks to get in the first ascension. Then we discuss how to progress after ascending and the target for the second progression. I hope this helps provide a foundation for how to ascend the first time in Cookie Clicker.

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  1. my only question is how the hell do you have 693 after only 3 days?!?!? im at 25 after 9 days!

  2. I ascended and then it glitched and gave me nothing

  3. i have had my run for 100+ days. i dont know what im doing wrong. i just got the grandmapocalypse or whatever like 2 days ago. i play cookie clickier daily i cant even rebirth yet.

  4. say i ascend, then get.a 50% boost, then ascend again with another 50% boost, would I get a 100% boost? would they stack or would the boosts/ other stuff stay after I get my second ascend?

  5. its really hard but if you have sugar lumps get a X7 get your wizard cookie refill the bar pop the cookie and pop another one hope you're lucky I got 500 ascension levels easy

  6. do you have all the achivements you have when you quit the legacy?

  7. Why the loud background music ffs ?! I can barely hear/understand what you're painfully explaining 🙁

  8. 369 days in, now I come to my first ascension (6.8 thousand heavenly chips)

  9. me watching cookie clicker my cookie in the backround

  10. I’m gonna get 695 chips and then rewatch the video to do the exact same you did

  11. Jesus, how the hell did you get so many prestige before the first ascension? I have been playing for 2 or 3 days and have a total of 4. At this rate to get 600 would take like 300 days.

  12. new player here. How long does it take to get up to that many levels? im 3 days in and i only have 1

  13. How long did it take for you to get so high an ascendancy level? I'm using a clicker, but I'm only at +6 after a week playing.


  15. I am not seeing any info or legacy buttons. I've produced 18 trillion cookies, and was under the assumption that ascension would be available after reaching one trillion.

  16. So how much should i save before i go reincarnate?

  17. Great video! I'm just getting ready for my first ascension and this really helped.

  18. I just picked this game up a couple days ago and cant stop playing 😀 im getting ready for my first ascension and it was kinda hard to find a video that is not 4 years old. you helped alot and thank you very much for playing and making videos

  19. At the moment i’m only at nearly a trillion cookies per second with only 55 ascension levels, i’m definitely gonna use this later though 😄 thanks!

  20. thanks for the vid. I recently got this game on Steam & was confused on when to ascend. I'm gonna try that method & ascend around 600-650 to get those upgrades

  21. Nice guide for the first ascension. Some things to know: The fingers upgrade got nerfed so don't put it in your permanent upgrade slot (just put highest kitten). Heralds just boost your CpS (there are currently 41 on web version) hover your mouse over the purple flag to get more info about them. Maybe try to get simple combos with the wizard tower minigame (frenzy+click frenzy+godzamok)?

  22. whats the minimum amount of heavenly chip and wich upgrades should i buy in the first ascencion?

  23. Dude it has taken me 2 days to get two levels near legacy button like how you getting hundreds

  24. how long did it take u to get so many cookies

  25. Got a couple questions. When and on what buildings you use "Sugar lumps"? And is there any efficient way to level up buildings? And do you even use spells from Wizard tower? I only use the golden cookie spell… Thanks in advance

  26. Holyy F… I prestiged with 1 because that's how you usually start in these kinds of games.. It took me 16 days to get there and now I see this video where I see that I should have hundreds of prestige levels? This is gonna be a game I would have to keep playing until I'm at a retirement center at this pace.

  27. How did you get 695 legacy in 3 days 23 hours

  28. What's a good permanent upgrade slot to have if you "don't" click the cookie a lot?

  29. I got duped, something that I saw said that you should ascend the instant it becomes available so here I am trying to get back to where I was. Suffering to the max

  30. 30 days here and only get 31 legacy. Whats wrong with mine.

  31. i just got both the elder frenzy and click frenzy at the same time and got like 500 prestige levels in seconds lmao, just went looking for a recent guide and lucky me i have this video!!!

  32. After my first ascend which costs 1 trillion, can I get another heavenly chip again for 1 trillion on the second ascension?

  33. 2 days 12+ hours. Nearing lvl 7. Going to take quite a bit for 440 ascend

  34. should i get an autoclicker for when i afk

  35. May i ask what Macro program you are using? i cant use razer synapse or the microsoft macros

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