COOKIE CLICKER! - Happy Wheels #28 -

COOKIE CLICKER! – Happy Wheels #28

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Now you can click on things in Happy Wheels! That means MORE CRAZY LEVELS TO PLAY.

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  1. No there is no Community
    Baum is just german for tree

  2. Did anyone get here from stick rpg? No? Oh well.

  3. Ayyyy, thank you so much for putting me on the thumbnail Matt!


  4. 16:04 look at the guy with the red shirts parts that are above the legs

  5. The selfie part of the first level should've been a photo bomb but a literal bomb

  6. The pancake game feels like bacon the game it's on mobile

  7. For those who do not know ZomBaum is based off of the YouTuber BaumProductions

  8. Hey uhh Matt how do u know what sounds like to be banged? Have you been on PH again?

  9. I wonder why these series are so underrated

  10. Fear is not good for you not come please sno't Gulf where human know is not new EU which putting to been

  11. 1:58 that could actually happen irl. Tall objects where there are no other objects of similar size around are frequently struck by lightning.

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