Cookie Clicker: Gardens 101 - Getting Started -

Cookie Clicker: Gardens 101 – Getting Started

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Hello everyone, welcome to episode 1 of Cookie Clicker: Gardens 101! This time, we go over all the basics of the gardens, including how to access them, the different soil types, and a brief overview of how to crossbreed different plants!

If you want to learn more about Gardens, check out this guide:

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  1. Thanks! I'm stuck with my garden in a long time.

  2. When you first mentioned that you wanted to make a series on the garden I thought I wouldn't do anything with the mini game until you made it but I looked into it and now I basically got almost every seed. I just got the final plant today which is the Juicy Queenbeet and I wanted to ask you if you know a good way to grow it quickly? I now have 8 Elderworts around it so the aging multiplier is 119%, but I think it's going to go down when the plant reaches the sprout stage, since plants surrounding it are 20% less efficient (2% now, but will go up to 5% in the next stage). I suppose you already unlocked it in your main save so what strategy did you use? Just AFK over night?

  3. i just have to get my garden cookies now . . . so close to being done

  4. yay its helpful thx i was never going to use the gardens now i will!!!!

  5. my favorite soil is clay, because i play the game very actively and half my garden is bakers wheat and half the corn thing for +2% cpc and that helps me basically double my cpc :v

  6. Huh, I'm in Beta 2.0108, Why can't I upgrade? And how do I get sugar lumps?

  7. I love how at 5:58 even tho you said it's a random save made just for the purpose of this video you still click the golden cookie by pure reflex XD

  8. That juicy queenbeet though… What. A. Troll.

  9. I just want to to get the 2 easy achievements from it, so if you're like me, don't underestimate the fertilizer lol.

  10. What's the point of continually talking about ticks without actually explaining what they are? Basic jargon review should always be step 1 of any tutorial.

  11. I'm gonna bookmark for when this is useful

  12. how do you have so many sugar lumps to get 50 thats gonna take atleast 50 days and ive seen people with like 100 or 200

  13. I have been passively grinding for bakeberries for like 3 weeks now and I still don’t have them lol



  16. do mature plants do anything? i have been harvesting them thinking id get something out of it…

  17. what cheat did you use to get sugar lumps

  18. I just started playing cookie clicker yesterday i already have 2 heavenly chips i used one and my sugar lump i spent on the alchemy lab probably wasnt a good idea

  19. Are you still replying to comments?

  20. everyboy ganster till you need big brain for more cookies

  21. Nice video! Instructions were very clear on how they work.

  22. If Shriekbulbs were real, I’d plant them all over a neighborhood.

  23. thanks man i didint know how to even unlock it

  24. I'm two years late to this party. So for a starting 2×2 garden I should plant only 2 seeds to get a mutation?

  25. i remember this game used to be just about clicking cookies

  26. When i plant the first seed and collect it after it matured, i lose CpS. Is there something that i do wrong?

  27. I wonder if this guy still responds to comments

  28. I just lost 50 duodecillion cps from harvesting a plant in a place I didn’t want. Worst mistake of my life.

  29. still in these comment section, thanks for the video

  30. jesus fuck dude learn to edit. one minute and fifty seconds before any useful information.

  31. Thanks for the video!
    I have been playing actively for the past 125 days on my save and i would say i know quite alot of the game mecanics, but finally decided to learn about those confusing minigames,
    will be looking in to your other videos on the topic aswell so thanks again 🙂

  32. ty for this i had over 1billion in heavenly cookies and i didnt know you had to use your sugarlumps on the farm to unlock the minigame before today and your tutorial is super good!

  33. Fun fact: this video is long enough to get 3 ticks out of 5 minute soils

  34. i just started a new game and its just as addicting as i remember

  35. What is the music playing in the background? Also great vid tysm

  36. What do you do if the gardening screen is just black, my farms are level one but it got no mini game opening button by it. The screens are also black for banks, temples, and wizard towers. I am playing on Mac.

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