Cookie Clicker: Gardens 101 - Crossbreeding Basics -

Cookie Clicker: Gardens 101 – Crossbreeding Basics

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Hello everyone, welcome to episode 2 of Cookie Clicker: Gardens 101! This time, we go over the ins and outs of the crossbreeding mechanic, where you are able to breed two plants together so they mutate into a new variety! Specifically, we go over the optimal layouts for plants that have two parents, with either the same or two different parents!

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  1. 32 more hours and then I can open the garden! Are there plants that can increase sugarlumb production?

  2. Great video. Really helped my out with my farm.

  3. Nice video, i love how you accually make it make sense, are you goung to make another vidio on the gardens?

  4. Is it really necessary to plant 2 followed by 3, and then 3 followed by 2? If it's every 8 squares requiring 2 seeds each wouldn't that still be the case with removing the seed closest to the edge in the row of 3's? I'm sure I'm missing something can anyone explain?

  5. I think that you should show how to make a golden clover, beacuse I can't get it (or maybe i'm just unlucky)

  6. Maybe talk about specific plants next, how to mutate into them and such, as some mutations are really hard to figure out. Maybe you could lump the upgrades you get from plants with all that as well.

  7. Thanks for this guide, i really appreciate it, currently I'm trying to get the golden clover

  8. Thanx for the video.
    The wheat that mysteriously pops up
    What are the questionmarks and is that a way to see if you can get a new plant?

  9. This was really hepful, thanks for the video. Nevertheless I have a question. I played a bit now without using the garden too much. Mine is level 5 at the moment and I was thinking about upgrading it to mutate my plants faster (also I don't know the influence of the garden later). I used some sugar lumbs for my level 7 chancemakers but right now I believe hoarding might be a good idea because of the "Sugar baking" upgrade which gives me +64% up to +100% CPS if I don't spent them.

    What do you think? Spent the sugar lumbs to get to a certain level or try to get atleast 100 of them and only spent additional ones?

  10. I know this is completely unrelated to the whole entire video, but could you do Cookie Clicker mod reviews? (Like modded achievements or upgrades that kinda stuff)

  11. Hi, thanks again, I've finally got every plant, now I'm trying to get all the upgrades related to the garden, I would really appreciate it if you could do a video on how to get them showing the best method possible. Thanks and I hope you continue making good videos

  12. I never expected a game called cookie clicker to be one of the more complex games i've ever played

  13. 0:50 That's not what the Wiki says :'(
    What am I supposed to do ? 🙁

  14. Wow, this video is so helpful. I've been using the garden since it came out and i still hadn't figured out how to cross-breed plants.Right after I watched this video I went and printed out the seed mutation chart because I finally understood it and bred five new plants! (I only got three of the seeds though because the pebbles decided not to harvest my wiskerbloom or glovemorel)

  15. Crumbspore and thumbcorn have drastically different maturation times so I'm trying to get Glovelmore should I plant them at the same time or so that they both mature at the same time?

  16. what seeds can mutate without being mature?

  17. What happens if two plants have wildly different maturation times? I am curious as when you plant thumbcorn and cronerice, the thumbcorn will decay before the cronerice matures.

  18. would love to see that next video! I never played this game until a month ago. Im very not active when "playing" but I'm now starting to actually garden. not a lot of cookie clicker videos.

  19. I’m literally trying to get bake berries with a 2×2 plot

  20. How many milleniums do I have to wait until the stupid Queenbet mutates to the juicy queenbet?

  21. me: got bakeberry in the first time i bred
    also me: accidentally clicked it while it was a bud
    me: facepalm

  22. Yo I just watched this series. Would love to see another one

  23. Nice vid you should make other cookie clicker vids

  24. when i finally got a thumbcorn i harvested it and i got no seed does anybody know why

  25. trying to start a garden without having tons of expansions, and not getting any seed types. wiki says you get the Middleweed one by leaving plots empty.. buts its been hours and zilch

  26. I have bakeberry! got it super quickly! For my very first playthrough I must say it was the most gamebreaking plant EVER

  27. How to you even get to the garden, I can’t find it 😂

  28. I accidentally got a grandma boosting crop and harvested it without knowing I didnt get the seed

  29. Can someone explain how u get a lot of sugar lumps. From what I understand you get 1 sugarlump after around 20 hours or something. Is that the only way to get them, seems to take a bunch of time.

  30. What about lvl 1 garden when you only have 2×2 tiles or lvl 2 garden? pls it will take so long before i have garden in lvl 9

  31. Is it normal that my bakers wheat decreases my cps
    Cause I have nothing active

  32. so mutation and reprodution chances happens every tick? this way its better to use low tick rate soils to enhance reprodution times?

  33. and plants reproduce only one time per plant lifetime or it has the same chance at every tick?

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