COOKIE CLICKER GARDEN GUIDE! How to unlock every seed! Best Cookie Clicker Garden 2018 -

COOKIE CLICKER GARDEN GUIDE! How to unlock every seed! Best Cookie Clicker Garden 2018

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In this Cookie Clicker garden guide, we guide you through the functionality of Cookie Clicker’s gardens.

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  1. This really wasnt very helpfull for me. Can you actually show us how you set them all up. using a small garden.

  2. Hello, what is the site with all those squares and seeds?

  3. thank you for helping me with that farm!!!

  4. Im playing cookie clicker 5. Why even after owning 280 cursors, 280 grandmas, 200 banks, abd dropping a sugar lump into the banks do I not see the Stock Market? I've also done the Eldge Pledge and all that as well.

  5. so, just to be sure, every tick after all the plants are mature can spawn a mutation? or mutations only happen in the 1st tick all plants are mature? i´m trying to get juicy queenbeet and I want to be as efficient as posible.

  6. They should use this game in Math classes. It would be a fun way for students to learn different skills and figure out which seed will be most effective.

  7. i cant make Elderwort : i'm doing right? E: empty C: cronerice S: shimmerlily3x3e e e c s ce e e

  8. I have to say that that guide is not as good as the one i used since gardens are out. In this guide you dont waste so much space for mutations. And dont forget to grinde the 7 upgrades. and btw what they say for yellow and green, you should switch them in the lower lane for double mutation chances.

    For those that want to get some good cookies, you can savescum your wizzard cookie. just save and use it ( or use dimishing ineptitude or any other skill to change the golden cookie that will spawn ) untill you get a click frenzy and you can check with wasting a sugar lump for a second cast if you get another usefull buff. Then you just hold on that save, reload ofc first so you have that click frenzy on your next cast ( only changes if you change stuff like cookie sound or another cast and stuff like that ) than you wait for frenzy + elder frenzy or building frenzy and cast the wizzard tower for the saved clicking frenzy. oh and you should have godzamok in your pantheon on place 1 and milk on 2, 3rd is irrelevant you can just stick to rigidel. sell farm to tempel for some more bonus and spam the cookie. you will get cookies worth of months if you play idle the other time. should only take 2-4 hours to get a small combo.
    someone posted a combo he pulled of with 6 buffs or so, still dont understand how he did it, but he made stuff thats worth tens of years of my cps ^^
    Have fun with that little boost =)

  9. dude, ive watched all your cookie clicker videos so far, and I love em. please don't think about giving up youtube, cause I want ya to be really successful. <3

  10. did you hack your cookies in to the game

  11. Hey man, just a question. If i don't harvest the plants and let the game harvest alone (full lifespan), i will get the seeds/bonus or not? Because i harvest some seed on mature stage and my CPS became negative =/
    By the way, i didn't tried this yet, i'm with the first seed.
    Thanks for the video and information =)

  12. Please answer!
    Um, well
    Is this cookie clicker only for pc?
    Because I am bored and I want to play this because of the garden
    I am on my Ipad
    Please answer

  13. I didn't know Khan Academy did Cookie Clicker tutorials.

  14. Look at my video for a hack for infinite sugar lumps and infinite cookies. I made the hack.

  15. I can not get golden clover to spread. I have used regular clovers and baker's wheat/goldmillet with no success. I also can not get bakeberry to spread either.

  16. how is your prestige going up without you gaining any cookies…..

  17. I can't figure out how to get cocoroot nor can I get a clear recipe to get it. I have one cite that mentions that bakers wheet and brown mold has a 10% chance of making it but three tries with a level 7 garden putting wheat in the middle and brown mold at the top and bottom leaving one space between but no luck. these plants only have three other possibilities. bakers wheat at 20%, thaumcorn at 5% and white mold at 20%. Considering the % of each of the mutation possibilities this shouldn't be that hard to get however I have gotten thaumcorn 3 times when it is at half the % chance of cocoroot. This leads me to believe that I am somehow doing something wrong. But very little is discussed about farming, probably because of how hard and time consuming it is. So I have little to no reference on exactly how to get pretty much any of the plants involving mold or spores. It would be greatly appreciated if someone made a video showing every strategy for attaining each seed and showing each seed being produced by said strategy to fully clear things up for me and many others trying to attain all the seeds. I understand that a video like that would be very hard and time consuming to make and is why it hasn't been done yet but the community would greatly appreciate the brave soul who makes it.

  18. Are you guys following an ascension picking order guide or what did you mean by having the ascension guide open i a tab?

  19. Hey thank you, just got back on cookie clicker didn’t played in a few years, thanks for the tutorial, I know it was 1 year ago and you probably wont see this but keep up the good work!

  20. Is this going to be your last cookie clicker video

  21. This is by FAR the weakest video in the Cookie Clicker series. Far from showing how to unlock EVERY seed, as it says in your title, you only show the first two. No in depth examples on the best configurations for the harder crossbreeds – nothing like that. In fact there was nothing in this video that I didn't already know. If I didn't like this series so much, I would give this one a thumbs DOWN.

  22. i came here because of the achivements for the garden

  23. How many years do I have to wait until the stupid queenbet mutates to the juicy queenbet?

  24. I just love this game! Cant wait for a laptop in December!

  25. Btw, is there a way to get a lot of sugar lumps quickly?

  26. Thanks for the tutorial, I had no idea what I was doing

  27. this helps so much and this game is still addicting in 2021

  28. I unlocked the garden, was complete confused and reload the game…

  29. Just came back to cookie clicker because of the steam version, thanks for the guide!

  30. do you need to harvest the wheat to get a mutated plant or does it appear inbetween them?

  31. Did they change the probabilities? Looking at wiki now a lot of things that were like 0.002 are now 0.2
    Oh just realized its not in % here is it?

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