COOKIE CLICKER - Gameplay Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay) -

COOKIE CLICKER – Gameplay Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay)

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Cookie Clicker Description:

The most exciting cookie game is now on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment!

The game is very simple:
– Bake as many cookies as you can by clicking or tapping on a giant cookie as fast as you can.
– As soon as you have enough cookies take a trip to the shop and use your cookies to buy upgrades to bake cookies even quicker!

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  1. This game isn't even made by Orteil.
    And once you reach about 70.000 cps the game really slows down… cookie wise

  2. EXCUSE ME EVERYONE, this isn't cookie clicker, the real cookie clicker(ON ANDROID) is NOT out yet THIS IS FAKE this app should NOT be supported because Orteil42 owns the trademark over cookie clicker and this game should be taken down, if you think im lieing ask orteil himself

  3. wonder some people wanna make they're own cookie clicker versions like put 20,000 cookies per sec and maybe called cookie power or something soo ya

  4. I got 84000000 cps and 4000000000000 cookies

  5. i have cookies who would eat that

  6. Are u a noob at cookie clicker then right click on cookie clicker go on Inspect elment and then go to consel then do Game.cookies=999999999

  7. все уже давно кликают в президента ))

  8. 86.000.001,3 cps and cookies and i promest i havnt cheat

  9. How can you see your Grandmas/Factorys etc etc work on the Iphone  version? help please!

  10. 1,457,000,000 cps (I played for 8 months)

  11. You should buy the 12 hours think I it makes cookies at night or when your off I get 100.000 cookies every 12 hours when I sleep!

  12. Great video! Mind checking out my cookie clicker video? Thanks, and I subbed!

  13. i play cookie clicker to by now there is about 70 upgrades

  14. i cant play it right now because im having my tablet screem fixed

  15. my normal cps is something like 300 000 and highest cps is like 10 000 000

  16. i have been playing for 18 hours an got a total of 10 trillion cookies

  17. I am the hundredth person to comment on this video😀

  18. I have never play this game before it looks fun


  20. How do you click 800 times in 90 seconds on cookie clicker 2?!?

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