Cookie Clicker - Full Garden Guide -

Cookie Clicker – Full Garden Guide

Aza Nice
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Welcome to this super in-depth guide of the garden in cookie clicker, I explain all aspects, I hope this helps

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  1. Too much work. Going to ignore this part of the game, haha 🙂

  2. Guys can anyone help me I’ve tried so much but I can’t get bakeberry

  3. I don't know why, but I've been hooked on these videos as of late, keep up the good content man! Gonna max out my garden now that i've watched this haha, should've done it a while ago in fairness

  4. I don't think the farm refresh trick works anymore, I've tried it with freezing and saving 5 seconds before, saving 5 seconds before tick, nothing is working.

  5. Omg this is so helpfull! I didnt know the 'saysopensesame' trick and I was getting really frustrated when the game seemed to really slow down near the end of my playthrough

  6. I Have 28 Seeds and i still dont have Duketater

  7. You don’t have to use another browser to make a second save, just click that green lock at the bottom left of the screen

    is it better to try to get them or always restart the garden to get more sugar lumps?

  9. Wait, how do I do the save thing?
    From what I understood I have to:
    Freeze 1 second before the tick is over
    If it didn't mutate into what I needed I restart

  10. If you use the refresh trick to get a new mutation, you don't have to do the optimal garden and go really fast by doing several mutations at the same time.
    But you can also grow plants faster by refreshing on a tick (also you don't have to freeze, juste save before a tick):
    It seems plants have a chance to grow each tick by 1% of the average lifespan (probability = 100/average_lifespan_ticks , which means that for the juicy queebeet, there is a 100/1250 = 1/12.5 chance to decrease the ticks needed by 12.5 = 1% of 1250). So in 3 minutes, you decrease it by 37.5 minutes. Juicy queenbeet can be mature in 5h30 instead of 2d 5h .

    To summarize: by refreshing on a tick change, you can lower the ticks needed to grow, just check the plant and refresh if needed (and never sleep)
    (but don't die plz)
    (hope it's clear)

  11. I Was waiting for a new video so long and here it is!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Any advice for Garden Cookie Drops? would the refresh trip worK?

  13. I got a meddelweed, with DIRT, NOT WOODSHIPS, and I didn't realize that weed's aren't mortal plants, so I pressed "Harvest All" and now it's gone 🙁

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