Cookie Clicker: Forcing the Hand of Fate -

Cookie Clicker: Forcing the Hand of Fate

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I’ve been mostly using Spontaneous Edifice to farm Chancemakers. Thought seeing what happened if I threw my sugar lumps at the Grimoire was fun.


  1. help whenever i upgrade wizard tower to so i can have more magic meter force the hand of fate becomes more expensive so i cant buy it

  2. why did you only click 2 of the cookies but yeh thats mental

  3. I got to 1.5 Quindecillion with this method. Just spent 40 lumps to throw my CPS through the roof with the Chancemaker Krumblor buff and got a lucky Frenzy+clicking frenzy during this. 200 Quattuordecillion from raw production (including wrinklers) and 1.35 quindecillion from clicking.

  4. I'm going for all achievements so I can't use sugar lumps for production
    This seems ineffective though, why'd you do this?

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