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Cookie Clicker – For Breakfast

Mike B aka Fony
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Cookie Clicker is a game about making an absurd amount of cookies. To help you in this endeavor, you will recruit a wide variety of helpful cookie makers, like friendly Grandmas, Farms, Factories, and otherworldly Portals. Cookie Clicker was originally released in 2013, but has been very actively developed since then. If you played it before, try it again to see all the new features!

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  1. I don't know if you are interested in progressing in this game anymore but I have some tips to improve production. (Also that mod there is pretty cool but where is Santa? It's upgrades close to triple your production.)

  2. Powercreep, the game. Thanks, I loathe it.

  3. Yea, I still don't quite understand the appeal of this game.

  4. SEQUENCE STORM - Free rhythm action on Steam! says:

    I'm at about 1B prestige levels, and the game has really slowed down or requires more active play maybe. So I'm starting to lose interest at this point.

  5. a comment to please our almighty overlord with engagement to feed the algorithm!

  6. "You guys deserve to hear about it"

    this is both a celebration and a punishment.

  7. Oh no no no, don't provoke this addiction I've safely gotten rid of.

  8. I'm currently waiting to hit 1 Trilion prestige… and "reroll" time.

  9. But why pay for it in steam, when its free online?

  10. Hmph. I have the same CC from years ago. I haven't actually Prestige'd yet. Got an achievement for it, actually.

  11. Whoa, this game has improved… but I already shedded this addiction once. You'll not tempt me again!

  12. Plot twist we were all mining servers for some genius

  13. 1:37 unfortunately it's quite impossible to progress eventually without click combos.

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