Cookie Clicker F+DH+BS+EF+DF+CF+2GC combo -

Cookie Clicker F+DH+BS+EF+DF+CF+2GC combo

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I get the buffs Frenzy, Dragon Harvest, Building Special, Elder Frenzy, Dragonflight, Click Frenzy simultaneously together with 2 Golden Cookies on-screen for a massive combo in the version 2.031 of Cookie Clicker, making me end up at roughly 175 duovigintillion cookies baked all time. This is done without savescumming or external tools, a so-called vanilla noscum playstyle.


  1. What is that garden setup? I know what the independent plants do, but this combo and arrangement is new to me.

  2. always kills me to see the elder frenzy just running out and people only clicking right at the end…

  3. What is that thing at the top of the screen?

  4. How TF is this even possible?edit: oh it's 2.031, still really impressive

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