Cookie Clicker - Ep 3 - Streamlining - 100% Achievements Journey -

Cookie Clicker – Ep 3 – Streamlining – 100% Achievements Journey

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Ep 3 – I finally found the format I was looking for, hence the title “Streamlining”. This will enable me to play the game a lot without accumulating too much footage. Stay tuned for serious progress in the next few episodes!


Introduction – 0:00
Sugar Lumps – 0:24
Several easy achievements – 1:25
Stats / achievements overview / conclusion – 8:22


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  1. I came 42 times in 89 second, killing the government of Australia

  2. The meta is to first ascend at 440 HCs (heavenly cookies), but I won't spoil what to spend them on. 😉

  3. Laserstormelpies – Thank you for recommending that I put a segment at the end of each video where I show my achievements. He is also the instigator of what happens at 2:30!

    Additional comments about "meta". I'll do more research in this game than most. But when it comes to prestige, I will want to do my own thing because it's more fun.

  4. When to ascend is rather variable. I used a guide when I started replaying the game on steam, but I didn't follow it that closely. I did a slow first run and ascended at over 2,337 prestige. If you do something like that, then the following runs will be incredibly fast, but you can ascend at 440 or 213 if you don't wanna wait that long. Just don't do it much earlier than that, because you won't gain a lot from it.

    About sugar lumps: Once one matures (20Hrs by default) you can try to harvest it early with a 50% chance to lose it. I'd advise against that, as you'd be risking 20Hrs to save 3. Not worth it, but you wanna do it successfully at least once to get an achievement.
    After 23Hrs, you can manually harvest a lump to save up to an hour, after which it would be harvested automatically.
    Lumps are quite precious, as you can permanently upgrade buildings with them, and unlock and improve new gameplay elements – minigames.

    Cheers if you read this! Hope I'm not going overboard with comments like these.

  5. Hi AVG! actually I always say hi let me change it real quick…….hello AVG! and my opinion as to why is because I feel like theres something strange that makes these kinds if games calm and fun to watch and to answer your question I'm not exactly sure but get atleast like 50-100 I'd say but I'm not fully sure!

  6. I don’t think I’d do the first ascension anywhere before 300 HCs. The first ascension definitely takes the longest to do but after that it speeds up dramatically for awhile. The ascension tree has clear tiers of upgrades (like they cost 50-100 and after you get the ones that cost that much they go up into the thousands, then millions, and billions, you will be able to make your own plan on when you want to ascend next after you do each ascension). There are some hidden ascension talents that require you to prestige at a specific number of total Heavenly Chips (adding together your previous and current total)

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