Cookie Clicker - Ep 2 - Orteil - 100% Achievements Journey -

Cookie Clicker – Ep 2 – Orteil – 100% Achievements Journey

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  1. I don't think you should be a full time youtuber (not because I don't like you or your channel but I my self don't find it to be a viable job) yet again I don't know what are you doing outside of youtube or how much you are making from youtube. plus I am a 17 year old boy.Love your channel, I will support you and watch your videos whatever you choose 💪

  2. It’s almost impossible to get all achievements without auto clicker, I think. I have Cookie Monster and auto clicker, and have around 50sxd cookies, but I’m still not even close to all achievements
    Edit: I think one of the achievements require auto clicker, so

  3. I love this series and would like if u kept going!

  4. In the Steam Version all cheating related achievements are removed. Dont worry. Even if you wanted to open the console, you cant.
    Hacking in cookies is removed as an achievement, opening the console too.

  5. Regarding the playtime to finish all the achievements – there is one that require you to have a savefile going for 1 year, so thats is a timestamp to keep in mind. Then theres the achievements for leveling your buildings to level 10 and that requires a currency that only drops over time. I dont have the exact time in mind but Im quite sure this takes longer than one year, maybe close to 2 years by default but you can improve the time it takes to get this currency so yeah. If you apply strategies I would say a bit less than 2 years?
    7:40 (in case thats me, and i have the idea its me – you can just say Laser because the rest of the name is weird for english speakers, cause the "pies" is "peace" and i keep hearing pies :D)

  6. The achievement for using the console doesn't get you anything and it isn't even a steam achievement. Orteil himself said something like that it's more of a 'badge of shame'. Make of that what you will.

    One of the shadow achievements straight up asks you to have a save file that's 1 year old, so it will take that long at the very least, although it will probably take longer than that anyway, because of certain other achievements.

    You're right, every 50 of a building unlocks a multiplier for it. The other milestone of note is that reaching 15 of a building unlocks a grandma synergy upgrade. Those are pretty good.

    I started replaying Cookie Clicker with the steam release, and I subbed just to watch you play it. I think this is gonna be fun!

  7. The upgrades that improve the efficiency of buildings all appear at owned number of buildings:
    1, 5, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500 (500 is the end, though achievements for owning buildings all go up to 600)
    Except for the cursors that start with this until they follow the 50' pattern:
    1, 1, 10, 25, 50

  8. Final comment (you ask a lot, i write a lot): No problem with pauses of silence, but I think your best format as of now (personally) Idle Slayer, shows how your videos work best, cuts and spoken information about whats currently happening. If you want to have pauses thats fine too, but talking is always fun because – when a person talks the other one can listen… if thats… understandable? 😀 – and yes, I will continue watching every video about this series if you decide to continue. Be aware this series might take some time. The first month I got 200h playtime on steam and 463/532 achievements but now things are slowly starting to take longer to achieve. I guess reaching 500/532 is doable in a passable amount of time. Not sure how the rest will unfold. Havent gotten that far myself before (when I played this last time, it didnt have prestiging yet).
    … and I have 2 things that I lastly want to suggest: First off, please dont ascend with 1 prestige level. Look up an ascension guide, theres one thats very popular and once things start to get going you will probably even overshoot some of the milestones for where it suggest to ascend. Just dont do it at 1 prestige level because that will do nothing and lots of people did that before. And the second thing is the [achievement-question mark] icon to the right of your achievement for changing the name of your bakery. I heard this achievement is not feeling well lately, can you interact with it and see if everything is ok with it?

  9. how did my brain skip over this notification bad brain smh

  10. Can you do more videos of this game
    And keep up the good work❤️

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