Cookie Clicker - Ep 15 - Low Speed Baking - 100% Achievements Journey -

Cookie Clicker – Ep 15 – Low Speed Baking – 100% Achievements Journey

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Ep 15 – A relatively simple episode where we come back from a break and get the Hardcore and Speed Baking I / II achievements.


Introduction – 0:00
Hardcore / Speed Baking achievements – 0:54
What do you want for next episode? – 3:55
1st Prestige – 5:46
Fortune Cookies – 10:09
2nd Prestige – 12:16
Stats, achievements and conclusion – 14:08


– English
– Español
– Português do Brasil
– Deutsch
– Français


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  1. What would you like to see in next episode? (A specific shadow achievement, a goal, a theme)

  2. you are in mid game. late is when all Heavenly upgrades are bought and endgame if you have 1 vigint cookies, and 95% cheevos done.

    edit: oh you are almost late game

  3. do you know you van sacrifice the garden for 10 sugar lumps (+1 bc JQB)

  4. I saw you took my challenge a.k.a. the “Hardcore” achievement 🙂

  5. The Sugar Lumps are definitely the biggest time-waste of this game. You're getting close to being finished with most things otherwise. Things still to do are getting all the seeds in the garden (which is AWFUL) and some of the Stock Market achievements. I personally refuse to do them, far too much effort for far too little dopamine.

  6. You should definitely get to the 1000 ascensions soon or it's going to take even longer, cause the fast strategy becomes slightly slower in the advanced trillions of prestige points. (my advice is doing the ascensions while playing D&D with friends, as that got me like more than half during a 4h session, tho I'm not sure if you can just spawn a group of D&D friends to play with 😀 maybe just watch a movie you already know in the meantime)

  7. also the game is going to update wich will add a whoping 38 heavenly upgrades!and a new building!

  8. you dont have an achievement wich is really easy: you need to go to the info page,then scroll down and click the cookie on the bottom right

  9. I forgot about this game, glad to see you upload an update on it! 😀

  10. Suggestion for another game you could try realm grinder

  11. i dont know if you know it, The "Pet the Dragon" heavenly upgrade is not cosmetic!
    You can click on the Dragon for Upgrades!
    Has a cooldown of 15 min and has 4 upgrades (also has chance not to drop anything)

  12. Cursor and grandma cps is still notable in late game, stronger then most buildings until late game ones like prism and beyond, check the production percentage of them, they are no jokes compare to other early game buildings like farms, factory showing 0% total cps when cursor and grandma show numbers.
    Cursor get more cps per other building because of its upgrades.
    Grandma has so many things that boosts its cps, the research upgrades that makes them more demonic also made grandma grow quadratically (each grandma purchased made all of them a bit stronger, one also affects portal which makes them quite strong late game as well). Each grandma also boost other building incrementally, for example 22 grandmas give banks 0.22/4=0.055 a 5.5% boost, each giving a fraction of 1% and not just 4 grandmas make the boost jump up by 1%, just don't go too overboard buying them even if they are pretty strong.

    Also, you should switch out the best cursor upgrade for the best butter biscuit in the future. Cursor upgrade was recommended because it used to give a flat amount of bonus to clicks and cursor, so later ones gives like, +5M, +50M per click additively, making early game much easier after prestige. Now after the upgrade "thousand fingers" +0.1 per building bonus, every cursor upgrade is just a multiplier to it, overall it is stronger because they start to multiplied by 20 instead overall 10 (used to be, +55.6 to +555.6 to +5,555.6 and so on) but by themselves they are useless and can be easily bought later, not worth your perma slot. The reason you didn't get better butter biscuits is that they are unlock when every building must be over x amount and you always have wizard tower at 50/150 for grimoire. The butter biscuits gets crazy expensive like kitten(milk) upgrades and high amount of final building are hard to get to but the +10% cps is really good. Fortune upgrades are also very expensive and hard to get all of them, so fortune#103 kitten and the most expensive ones you bought are also good perma slot candidates until you buy them all. You will get an achievement that not only gives you milk, similar to season achievements making cookies and eggs easier to find and the heavenly upgrade "keepsakes" that lets you keep some of them between prestige. (omelet can also be swap out with other upgrade because of keepsake and cosmic beginner's luck).

    Without the buying even one unlock cps boost from prestige upgrades (hence the vault, so you can still use buy all), you are in the effects of "cosmic beginner's luck" for the increased random drop. Stuff like seasonal cookies, eggs and upgrades drop from certain plants in garden will be 5 times more likely to drop, it will take some time still but once you get them all you don't have to worry and start the real grind with unlocking cps boost from prestige level. News ticker fortune is not random drop. The garden upgrades will be unlock for every new run from the beginning once you get them so just dedicated one CBL run when you unlock most of the plants if you still don't have them, not all plants drop upgrades and they have drop rate as low as 0.1%, and must be harvested when mature (I think for garden you really should look up the cross breeding and which plant has upgrades yourself as the graphs will do a better job than anyone telling you what to do to get all of them). The chocolate egg from Easter should be keep in the vault as well. It give a lot of cookies once based on your base cps, so it should be the last thing you buy after getting the most cps from already buying as much upgrades and buildings as possible, so it gives the most cookie and boosts up the prestige level as it counts as cookies baked.

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