Cookie Clicker - Ep 13 - All Seasons - 100% Achievements Journey -

Cookie Clicker – Ep 13 – All Seasons – 100% Achievements Journey

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Ep 13 – Time to explore each season, and from now on, we will do this every Prestige!


Introduction / Valentine’s Day – 0:00
Chistmas – 1:16
Halloween – 4:48
Business Day – 5:58
Easter – 6:45
Prestige – 8:28
Stats, achievements and conclusion – 13:01


– English
– Español
– Português do Brasil
– Deutsch
– Français


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  1. hi Army, I would like to recommend you two games for future series, or just for you to know, one of them is Home Quest, e o outro é Idle Kingdom

  2. "Heavenly chip secret" is a buyable upgrade (icon is 2 chips with cosmic blue stuff around it), if you dont want to buy it, it will mean you will have to click all the upgrades manually

  3. Have to get back into the game soon again ^^ you start catching up to me. Welcome to the endgame.

  4. If I'm playing actively, I personally prefer Christmas just because hitting reindeer makes things a little more interesting. Business Day is probably the better option (especially with the deity that boosts seasonal effects) for full-time active play.

    Regarding "Cosmic Beginner's Luck," in order to start benefitting from the Heavenly Chip multiplier bonus, you have to buy certain upgrades. They're all so cheap by the time you're doing ascensions that they're easy to miss. If you DO NOT buy those upgrades and have Cosmic Beginner's Luck, then the chance of getting a seasonal cookie is 5x higher than usual. So basically you'd need to be in a season or able to change to it without having billions of percent multiplier from Heavenly Chips.

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