Cookie Clicker - Ep 12 - 7 / 777 / 777,777 - 100% Achievements Journey -

Cookie Clicker – Ep 12 – 7 / 777 / 777,777 – 100% Achievements Journey

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Ep 12 – Secrets nodes appear in the tree when you Prestige Level finishes by 7, 777 or 777 777. We’ll do that and reach Billions of converted HC. Next episode will have to do with Seasons.


Introduction – 0:00
The usual achievements – 0:35
Lucky Digit – 0:49
Lucky Number – 2:52
Lucky Payout – 4:21
Pantheon / More achievements – 5:11
HC Billionaire – 6:23
Stats, achievements and conclusion – 10:50


– English
– Español
– Português do Brasil
– Deutsch
– Français


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  1. Go for the highest cursor upgrade when you prestige

  2. Glad you got the 777 series. Once you get fortune cookies unlocked you will want to slot one of those upgrades into a permanent upgrade slot as well.

  3. Its generally recommended to do the 1000 Ascensions before Trillions of prestige levels.
    So when youre going into Billions now, make sure to keep in mind that this needs to be done at some point. It will still work later on but every prestige might take a few seconds longer.
    If you wanna tackle this, I can give a bit of feedback for what I did to have at least a "better" time while grinding it. (would take a bit for me to write it down, i assume, unless you say you will do some research by your own to check how you wanna do this)

  4. For the prestige 1000 times, I set up an autoclicker that's get me to a few heavenly chips, ascend, and start over. I let it run for about 2 days for the achievement. Similarly for the wrinklers popped, golden wrinkler and 7,777 golden cookies I had my autoclicker spam all over the screen and on 'pop all wrinklers'. Lastly, for the 'hacker' achievement, i used the dev mode and added just 1 cookie and turned dev mode off.

  5. Can’t believe that you can get that far in the game so quickly

  6. The two years factor for 100% completion is because of Sugar Lumps. They're doled out sooooo slowly and there are achievements for getting every building to 10. You can reduce the amount of time needed by manipulating Sugar Lump maturation, but we're talking about reducing it to something like 18 months of playing somewhat actively every single day. Everything else is totally doable in fairly short order once you know how the game works.

  7. For the pantheon, I recommend Godzamok in diamond, and Muridial and Mokalsium in either tier, then constantly selling/rebuying any buildings between farms – wizard towers. The buff will start as soon as you sell any building but selling additional buildings does increase the buff, it just wont reset. Very good for active play.

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