Cookie Clicker - Ep 1 - Cookie Jar Full of Achievements - 100% Achievements Journey -

Cookie Clicker – Ep 1 – Cookie Jar Full of Achievements – 100% Achievements Journey

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– हिंदी


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  1. Please reply to this comment if you would like a series on this. Also I'm curious: how many hours did you put in this game since its existence?

  2. Here are some hints for secret achievements:What was the developer‘s name again?Some people just like reading the news Clicking the tiny cookie might helpClick on this achievementGo back to where it all started

  3. Hah I've just started playing this as well, fond memories of playing it together with friends in school and now its on steam

  4. change your name to saysopensesame

    also very good vid

  5. I have afked 50h already lol and I would love a series

  6. Set up thousands of auto clickers and you can speed run all the achievements

  7. Hey AVG I'm finally back to your channel after a little break from watching YouTube and wow it's a great surprise to see this classic on the channel! Looks like the videos doing good as well with the new audience of people from the steam release, so hopefully we'll get to see this as a series on the channel.

  8. What happened to idleon and idle Slayer videos did you quit?

  9. It would be a good series if you continue ✌️

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