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[Cookie Clicker] Endless Cycle Achievement

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The Endless Cycle is a shadow achievement that requires you to ascend 1000 times

I started working on this achievement on September 26, 2021, and finished it on October 2, 2021, over the course of roughly 10 hours of monotonously doing what is seen in this video

As of the time of writing this, only 2% of roughly 300,000 players (on steam) own this achievement, making it the 4th rarest achievement!


  1. I like it when he click the cookie, it funny

  2. as a person whos dont EC, I can say without a doubt. It was Hell

  3. i have dev tools i can work as fractal engine without getting bought of COOKIE MONEY

  4. I always check fthof before ascending just to see if there's a combo that will take me to the next digit

  5. theres 2 things i would recommend you to do instead:
    first: when you press [Esc] it skips the cookie breaking animation and you get to the reincarnate screen faster
    second: when you make your cookie clicker window look like this [] then all upgrades on the right will be visible without scrolling. this makes navigating with your mouse a bit easier and therefore faster

  6. Dabg only 16b prestige? It took me 2t or so for 100

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