Cookie Clicker Easy Hack - Get Over 1,000,000 Cookies Per Second -

Cookie Clicker Easy Hack – Get Over 1,000,000 Cookies Per Second

Bijan Samiee
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Today we change from our regular programming to show you how to cheat at the cookie clicker game. You could just copy and paste someone elses code but that is boring. This is doing it the old fashion way.


Auto clicker:


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  1. Umm, dude barely over 1 million is nothing… ive got almost a BILLION. Somethings in that game are worth over a TRILLION, like the elder covenant!

  2. Thats great then! Glad to see people succeeding in the game. Well anyways, this was when the game was first introduced and 1 million was a lot. Thanks for the comment anyways!

  3. I have a trillion cookies per second, I AM THE KING OF COOKIE CLICKER

  4. Man you are doing so much better than i am!

  5. Sorry MagicCardboardBox but 262 Trillion CPS(cookies per second),SO I AM THE KING OF COOKIE
    I got 1111 Cursor :3 Bow to me

  6. The lag issue only happens in chrome! try using firefox or another browser that isnt an opera rip off 😛

  7. or you can just hit control+shift+i go to console type "Game.cookies=9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999" for infinite cookies. all you have to do is edit the console. lol (wait only programmers think its funny)

  8. I have over 1 billion per second so thousands are anything

  9. I have 1 qufjdjqjdjcuwiaoaovnbndnciswi cookies per second, and that’s by a way better hack but this will still be good

  10. Oh it’s not a hack it’s an auto clicker I don’t have… welp

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